What is Wikeeps?


A wine-by-the-glass service and preservation solution

Wikeeps is an innovative wine-by-the-glass service and preservation solution that uses an oenological gas inerting process to preserve your bottles for up to three weeks after opening.

Wikeeps is part of a new way of consuming wine. The product is adapted to all bottle formats and complemented by Wibox refrigerated display cases to meet the three components required for serving wine by the glass: temperature maintenance, preservation to prevent oxidation and elegant wine service by the glass.


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How does Wikeeps work?

The natural, neutral oenological gas pushes the wine into the glass and replaces the quantity of wine served with a protective quantity of gas above the wine, allowing you to preserve your wine for days after opening.

So don’t hesitate to use Wikeeps to enjoy your best wines without losing a drop!

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