What is Wikeeps?


An all in one wine aerator pourer and preservation solution

Wikeeps is an innovative wine aerator pourer and preservation solution that uses an oenological gas inerting process to preserve your bottles for up to three weeks after opening.

Wikeeps is part of a new way of consuming wine.
The product is adapted to all bottle formats and complemented by Wibox refrigerated wine coolers to meet the three components required for serving wine by the glass: temperature maintenance, preservation to prevent oxidation and elegant wine service by the glass.



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How does Wikeeps work?

The natural, neutral oenological gas pushes the wine into the glass and replaces the quantity of wine served with a protective quantity of gas above the wine, allowing you to preserve your wine for days after opening.

So don’t hesitate to use Wikeeps to enjoy your best wines without losing a drop!

What makes  Wikeeps wine preservation and dispensing systems so unique  ?

There are several wine aerator pourers available in the market, each designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of wine by promoting aeration. Here are a few examples of popular wine aerator pourer brands:

  1. Vinturi:
    • Vinturi is a well-known brand that offers a range of wine aerators, including handheld and pourer-style aerators. Their products are designed to expose wine to the optimal amount of air, allowing it to breathe and develop its full flavor profile.
  2. Soiree Home:
    • Soiree Home produces aerator pourers that attach directly to the wine bottle. These pourers aim to enhance the bouquet and taste of the wine as it is poured.
  3. Aervana:
    • Aervana is a brand that specializes in electric wine aerators. Their products use a motorized system to quickly and effectively aerate wine as it is dispensed from the bottle.
  4. Menu Wine Breather:
    • Menu offers a wine breather and aerator set that allows users to decant and aerate their wine by attaching the aerator directly to the bottle. This method is designed to accelerate the breathing process.
  5. Nuance Wine Finer:
    • Nuance produces a Wine Finer, which is a combination of a wine pourer and aerator. It features a built-in filter and aerating function, allowing users to pour and aerate wine simultaneously.
  6. Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer:
    • The Rabbit brand offers a wine aerator pourer that attaches to the bottle and provides aeration as the wine is poured. It is designed to be convenient and easy to use.

When choosing a wine aerator pourer, consider factors such as design, ease of use, and the specific aeration method employed.
Some aerators attach directly to the bottle, while others may be handheld or electric. Additionally, personal preferences for Wikeeps as the functionnality of combined aeration , pour , filtration of wine (yes there is a filter in the spout of WIkeeps device to prevent from getting any sediment of wine poured)…

Only Wikeeps is designed to keep opened bottles of wine fresh for an extended period, allowing consumers to enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about the wine deteriorating due to exposure to air.

The Wikeeps system typically involves a gas that extracts air from the opened wine bottle, creating a vacuum seal to slow down the oxidation process.

Wine preservation systems like Wikeeps are commonly used in restaurants, wine bars, and households where individuals may want to enjoy a glass of wine from a bottle over several days or weeks.