Wine stopper innovation for preservation

wine stopper


Role of the wine stopper: to prevent oxydation.

There are areas where we remain wary of innovation, fearing that it will have a detrimental effect on the product. Innovation is frowned upon by some people, who see it as a danger, a hasty evolution.
Indeed, we French often prefer the traditional to the extravagant when it comes to the art of the table and, above all, eating!

It’s a special moment when we don’t just eat, but also enjoy time together.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make someone happy: coppa, a good baguette, a Bordeaux wine and some friends can turn simple ingredients into a special evening. However, it’s also true that some accessories are paradigm-shattering. And in the world of wine, we can say that there are a few that stand out from the crowd of gadgets.

Such is the case with iFavine® and its iSommelier connected decanter. It takes the guesswork out of wine aeration before tasting. In fact, once you removed the wine stopper  it accelerates the oxygenation process, which can take dozens of minutes or even hours.

Oxygen injection takes place in a purified environment, and is therefore harmless to humans and, of course, to the wine itself. The aim is thus preserved: to enable the wine to reveal all its aromas in a shorter period of time.
Another fruit of innovation in wine, Wikeeps has developed a solution for preserving aromas for several days after opening a bottle of wine.

If you leave a bottle of wine open for more than an evening, its flavors and aromas will quickly fade under the yoke of oxidation, wine’s number one enemy.

To remedy this, WIKEEPS has patented an easy-to-use concept for preserving and serving wine by the glass, for restaurants, wineries and wine lovers themselves at home.

Wikeeps innovating Wine stopper’s principle

The principle is simple: you elegantly serve the wine by the glass by pressing a service gun that injects an argon- and CO2-based oenological gas into the bottle. In this way, the gas creates a protective atmosphere over the wine each time it is served, guaranteeing that the wine is preserved for up to 20 days after opening.

These are two perfect examples of the importance of innovation, in a field where it is at the service of tradition: that of wine. The iFavine® decanter is a winner of the Bettane et Desseauve innovation awards.
Wikeeps® won the Trophée OEnovation 2012 for innovation in the wine industry.