Sparkling wine

Can the Bubbl. be used on sparkling wine?

Absolutely, Bubbl. is not only designed to preserve champagne, but can also be used for all types of sparkling wine. Whether you’re enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine such as Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, French Crémant or German Sekt, Bubbl. will help you preserve these wines by maintaining their bubbles and protecting them from oxidation.

By using Bubbl. you can extend the life of an open bottle of sparkling wine for up to a week, while preserving the wine’s effervescent characteristics and flavors. This is great news for sparkling wine lovers who want to enjoy their bottle over several days without compromising quality.

Une personne tient une bouteille de champagne


Bubbl. uses a mixture of oenological gases, composed of 80% CO2 and 20% Nitrogen, to compress the existing gas in the sparkling wine bottle and protect the wine from oxidation.
The Smart Cap ensures a perfect seal, preserving freshness and effervescence.

It is therefore perfectly suited to maintaining the quality of opened sparkling wine bottles, making it a must-have accessory for bubbly connoisseurs.


Can Bubbl. be used on cider?

Yes, the Bubbl. system can be used to store open bottles of cider. Cider, like champagne and other sparkling wines contains carbon dioxide (CO2), which gives it its effervescence. When a bottle of cider is opened, this CO2 starts to escape, which can lead to a loss of bubbles and freshness.


How does it compare with other preservatives for champagne and sparkling wine?

The Bubbl. preservation system stands out from other preservation solutions on the market thanks to its unique approach to preserving the effervescence of sparkling wines and champagne.

First, there are traditional methods such as using a spoon or purchasing a special bottle stopper. These methods can only preserve wine for a few days at best, which is far less than the week’s preservation that Bubbl. can offer.


Bubbl.champagne preservation compares to other system


Finally, the Bubbl. stands out for its “Smart Cap”, which ensures a perfect seal when the bottle is opened, maintaining the wine’s effervescence and flavor characteristics for up to a week.


Wine prseserver by Bubll. system


Is sparkling wine champagne?

No, sparkling wine is not necessarily champagne.

Champagne is a specific type of sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France. Under French law and numerous international agreements, only wines produced in this region can bear the name “Champagne”.

It’s a generic term that encompasses all wines that contain bubbles, whether they’re produced in France (including Champagne, but also Crémant, Blanquette de Limoux, etc.), Italy (Prosecco, Franciacorta, Asti), Spain (Cava), Germany (Sekt), the USA, Australia, and so on.

These wines can be produced using several methods, including the traditional method (or méthode champenoise) used for champagne, but also other methods such as the méthode Charmat or the méthode ancestrale.

So, while all champagne is sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is champagne.