Wine cooler

Wine cooler

All About Wine Coolers

The temperature of wine is a key element for its preservation, which is why choosing an appropriate wine cooler is of great importance.

A wine cellar provides optimal conditions for storing wine, keeping it in a well-ventilated environment, protected from light and vibrations, with consistent humidity. This helps to protect the cork stoppers and maintain the quality of the wine.

The guarantees offered:

Taking into account the parameters of wine preservation mentioned earlier, here’s what happens when we delve into the details:

  • It is important to prioritize well-ventilated spaces (hence the presence of ventilation in purpose-built cellars) to allow for airflow and avoid strong odors that could influence the wine’s flavors.
  • Protection against light helps to prevent alteration of the wine’s aromas due to UV exposure. This is why natural underground cellars with minimal lighting are often preferred.
  • Vibration protection is crucial as vibrations can stress the wine and have a negative impact on its evolution.
  • Humidity levels should be maintained between 60% and 75%. This is a critical parameter for preserving the cork (in corked wine or Champagne). As cork is a living material, it requires a relatively high humidity level to maintain its sealing qualities and prevent oxidation of the wine upon contact with air.
  • These fundamental parameters are essential for proper wine preservation.

Different types of wine coolers and their usefulness

There are several types of wine cellars available to meet individual space requirements and constraints. Countertop wine cellars, also known as wine coolers, are the most common and can accommodate different bottle capacities, offering the same advantages in terms of wine preservation and consistent temperature.

Built-in wine cellars, on the other hand, are discreet and seamlessly integrate into your furniture. Even a small 30 cm built-in wine cellar can be sufficient if you have limited space but still want to cherish your precious bottles.

Wine Preservation Cellar

The distinction in terminology arises from the fact that wine considered suitable for long-term aging (10 years or more) is often referred to as “cellaring wine.”

On the other hand, a wine preservation cellar is used to store wines that are ready to be served. When these preservation cellars feature multiple temperature zones, they can also serve as wine service cellars.

Wine Serving Temperature and Choosing the Right Wine Cooler

It’s important to note that wine storage temperature differs from the serving temperature. For optimal storage, set your wine cellar to 12°C (54°F), which is the ideal temperature for all types of wines.

However, to serve Champagne at the recommended temperature (between 9 and 11°C / 48 and 52°F) and red wines (between 14 and 18°C / 57 and 64°F), it is advisable to opt for a wine service cellar that offers multiple temperature settings.

Wikeeps has designed a range of countertop wine cellars, also known as wine coolers, that meet these needs and make serving wine by the glass at the ideal temperature effortless.

A Wine Cellar for Enhanced Wine

Tasting There is a wide variety of wine cellars available, catering to different types of wines, spaces, and aesthetic preferences. When choosing your wine cellar, consider your aesthetic preferences and features such as UV-resistant glass, wooden or aluminum racks, and LED backlighting.

Also, make sure to find the ideal location in your kitchen, living room, or establishment. The main objective is to select a wine cellar, or wine cooler, that specifically meets your needs in terms of optimal wine preservation and serving at the best temperature.

Liber Vinum
Liber Vinum
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Cassandre Noguès
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Qualità dei prodotti ottima ! Consegna rapidissima anche in italia ! 👍🏻👍🏻
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CAFFE NOVECENTO “caffe novecento” TIRANO
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erica N
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