Wikeeps wine dispenser benefits

Wikeeps is a unique system to enable great tasting and pouring approach 

  • Thanks to the Wikeeps systems, you will not hesitate to open your bottles anymore, as Wikeeps allows you to preserve their content after they have been opened, with no alteration whatsoever, for up to 30 days.
  • As wines age better in bigger containers, Wikeeps also enables you to dispense your big format such as Magnum, double Magnum and Imperial Bottles without hesitation, thanks to the Grandioso Kit.

Wikeeps wine dispenser offers great benefits for wine professionnals.


  • Wine dispenser has become increasingly popular in the wine industry, offering numerous benefits for wine professionals, including those in wine bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. These innovative devices are designed to enhance the wine-serving experience for both customers and staff.
    We will review afterwards the advantages of  Wikeeps wine dispenser in professional settings, emphasizing how it contributes to efficiency, preservation, cost management, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

    1. Precision and speed of a Wikeeps wine dispenser

    It provides precise control over pouring quantities, and speed of execution for each glass. This is particularly important in establishments where the role of the sommelier is crucial to maintain quality and meet customer expectations.
    By letting the sommelier  or the barman still pouring in front of its client , Wikeeps wine dispensers help maintain a high level of sommelier professionalism and customer satisfaction.

    2. Preservation of wine quality:

  • One of the primary benefits of wine dispensers is their ability to preserve the quality of opened wine bottles for an extended period. Wikeeps typically use inert gases, such as  argon plus CO2 to fight against  the oxygen inside the bottle, preventing oxidation. This preservation technology allows establishments to offer a wider selection of wines by the glass without worrying about spoilage. For wine professionals, this means reduced waste and increased profitability.

    3. Extended Shelf Life

  • Wikeeps wine dispensers contribute to extending the shelf life of opened bottles, which is crucial for establishments with diverse wine offerings. The preservation mechanism helps prevent flavor deterioration, ensuring that each glass poured retains the same characteristics as the first. This is especially valuable for premium or rare wines that may not be consumed as quickly as more commonly available options.

    4.Wine dispensers play a significant role in cost management

    For wine professionals, by minimizing waste and spoilage, establishments can optimize their inventory and reduce overall costs. Additionally, the ability to offer a variety of wines by the glass without the fear of wastage enables businesses to explore diverse selections and cater to a broader range of customer preferences, enhancing the overall value proposition.

    5. Premium Wine Offerings:

    For establishments aiming to offer a premium wine experience, Wikeeps wine dispensers provide an effective means of showcasing high-end wines without the risk of spoilage. Customers can enjoy a glass of rare or expensive wine with confidence, knowing that the dispensing system has preserved the quality of the wine since it was opened. This can attract connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, establishing the venue as a destination for premium wine offerings.

    6. Wikeeps wine dispenser offers extension options

  • As the Wikeeps system can be extended to the infinite with its “dispensing kit” ,  there is no limit for the professionnal to develop its by the glass menu .
    This flexibility enhances the overall customer experience, enabling patrons to increase a variety of wines. The ability to customize pours also aligns with the growing trend of wine pairing menus, encouraging customers to sample multiple wines in a single diner

    7. Efficient service and reduced wait Times:

    In busy establishments such as wine bars and restaurants, efficiency is key to providing excellent customer service. Wikeeps wine dispensers streamline the pouring process, reducing wait times for customers. Staff can quickly and accurately dispense wine, improving overall service speed and allowing customers to enjoy their selections without unnecessary delays.

    8. Wine dispenser can facilitate staff training

    Wikeeps is providing a simple usage for pouring and serving wine. Staff members can ths practice and refine their skills while showcasing this elegant approach.

    9. Many wine dispensers contribute to sustainability efforts

    by reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional wine service. The preservation technology minimizes the  loss of opened wine and decreases the overall carbon footprint associated with wasted wine. This aligns with the growing consumer preference for environmentally conscious practices, enhancing the reputation of businesses that prioritize sustainability.

    10. Enhanced Customer Experience:

    Ultimately, Wikeeps wine dispensers contribute to an enhanced overall customer experience. Customers can enjoy a wider selection of wines, served with precision and preserved from any oxydation. The preservation technology ensures that every glass is as fresh as the first, creating a positive impression and encouraging repeat business. The ability to offer premium wines and customization options adds to the overall appeal, attracting a diverse range of patrons.

    In conclusion, Wikeeps wine dispenser offers a multitude of benefits for wine professionals in settings such as wine bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes.
    From elegance to cost management, preservation, and improved customer experience, these devices have the potential to revolutionize the way wine is served and enjoyed. As the wine industry continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements like wine dispensers can set establishments apart, providing a competitive edge in a dynamic and competitive market.