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Grandioso Box


The Box for services of the Imperial (6 liters) and the Jeroboams (3 liters) bottles.

Dedicated to still wines, a central dome does not fit on sparkling wines.

The Grandioso box is sold without cartridges.


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The box contains

2 Pistol nozzle, 2 central dome for  Impériale and Jéroboam, 1 Serving spout, Lot of watertight corks for dome and spout, Filter, Cleaning brush, 2 Jeroboam &  Imperiale extended filters.


2 Pistol nozzle

1 Elite central dome
Impériale and 1 Elite central dome Jéroboam

2 Serving spout

Lot of watertight corks for dome and spout


Cleaning brush

2 Jeroboam, Imperiale extensions with filter


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