Wikeeps Innovation

Wikeeps is a technological innovation enabling wine pour and preservation.
This patented system was designed for wine professionals to develop wine by-the-glass. Adopted by sommelier from all over the world, it has also conquered wine lovers .

Wikeeps is a wine preservation and by-the-glass dispensing system based on enological gas.

  • It uses a neutral and inert natural gas, a mix of Argon and CO2 produced by Linde (the worldwide leader of oenological gases). Its injection into the bottles enables to preserve the wine and to maintain all its organoleptic properties when it is served by the glass.
  • This food grade gas inerts the bottle at each pour and creates a fully neutral protective atmosphere for the remaining wine in the bottle .
  • In a safe place from oxidation from the contact with the air, the wine preserves all its qualities and aromas up to 4 weeks after the bottle has been opened.
  • The Wikeeps system’s function is therefore multiple : within the same action, you pour  wine in an elegant manner and without tilting the bottle, hence filtering sediments and aerating then preserve the remaining wine in bottle through the injection of enological Wikeeps gas.