Wikeeps the Grand Tasting 2014 – The Wibox4 dishes wines worth …


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The 9th year of the GT was hit with the seal of excellence …
The tasting of wines requires many components, including the right temperature is probably the deciding vote.
Thus it was possible to see at the discretion of the aisles several installations of « chilling » simple ice cube tray to tray tinkered by Alsatian house to refresh without touching the ice … all of spoof water, raising the bottle!
Also, it is quite natural that Wikeeps was invited to the ball of the Grand Tasting No. 9 and could be seen on some stands with Château Smith Haut-Lafitte, Domaine Chevalier and Château Rouquette-Sur-Mer2014-11-28 11.26.03
These areas had chosen the Grand tasting just temperature, holding their red between 16 ° C for Burgundy and Bordeaux and 18 ° C for Le Cru du Languedoc.
Indeed, his new cellar temperature maintenance for 4 Bottles, WIbox4 is a thermo-electric cellar very compact, lightweight (4.5kg) and therefore easily transportable for such events has a setting temperature of 5 at 18 ° C and a backlit LED lights highlighting the labels.
Coupled with the supply of kits for the Wikeeps Wine service Glass & storing wine thanks to its famous wine-gas recipe, the offer was complete, the perfect wine and indeed the success … It Rdv was a great Grand Tasting No. 9.
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