Wine tasting - "Grand Tasting" 2014 - Wibox4 launch


Celebration of excellence at the 9th Grand Tasting wine tasting

Wine tasting experience requires several key elements, among which the right temperature probably plays the decisive role. During the 9th Grand Tasting, various cooling solutions were observed, ranging from simple ice cube trays to more elaborate installations allowing wine to be chilled without even touching the ice.

Notable presence of Wikeeps during the wine tasting experience

Wikeeps was naturally invited to this prestigious event. We were able to see our products on several stands, notably at Château Smith Haut-Lafitte, Domaine Chevalier and Château Rouquette-Sur-Mer. These estates have chosen Wikeeps to maintain their red wines at the ideal temperature, oscillating between 16°C for Burgundy and Bordeaux wines and 18°C for Cru du Languedoc.


The new launched Wibox4 Wine Cellar for a wine tasting with the perfect temperature

The new WIbox4 wine cellar, designed to maintain the temperature of 4 bottles, is a compact and light thermo-electric cellar (4.5 kg). It is therefore easily transportable for events like this. Its temperature can be adjusted between 5 and 18°C and it is equipped with LED lighting that highlights the labels of the bottles.



Wikeeps – a complete solution for wine professionnals

A wine tasting experience involves engaging multiple senses to fully appreciate and evaluate the characteristics of a wine. While personal preferences play a role, there are standard parameters and steps that professionals and enthusiasts follow during a wine tasting. These parameters encompass visual, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile aspects. Here are the key parameters of a wine tasting experience:

Combined with our Wikeeps kits for pouring wine by the glass and storing wine using our famous wine gas mixture, our offer is perfect complete.

In some tastings, especially those at restaurants or events, there may be a focus on how well the wine pairs with specific foods. This can enhance the overall wine tasting experience.

Remember that wine tasting is a subjective experience, and personal preferences vary.
Developing a systematic approach using the parameters mentioned above can help individuals better articulate their preferences and understand the nuances of different wines. The more you practice and explore, the more refined your palate will become.