Winery : use Wikeeps in a jiffy


For all types of wine and all types of bottle.

The idea came while visiting a winery…

Laurent saw a big tank containing gas closed to the beautiful vasts of a reputed Chateau in Bordeaux…

Thus, inspired from the winery “wine inerting process” that consists of injecting neutral /natural /inert gas into the vast , Wikeeps idea was born !

Suitable for all types of wine, and for different formats ranging from half-bottles to Imperial bottles, Wikeeps is easy to use in a jiffy to serve moderate and controlled quantities of wine and champagne.

Easy to use

The Wikeeps ® system attaches directly to the neck of the bottle of your choice. To activate the mechanism, simply assemble the gun with the central dome by sliding the spout into it. The cartridge is when did it screw into the base of the gun

Once assembled and placed on the bottle, you just have to press the trigger to introduce the conservation gas into the bottle and thus ensure in a single gesture service and preservation of the wine.

The injection of a gas, such as in a winery

The oxygen present in the air turns out to be a formidable enemy of wine. Prolonged contact of a wine with oxygen destroys its organoleptic qualities and causes its alterations due to 2 phenomena: on the one hand the chemical oxidation phenomena such as enzymatic oxidations which lead to a maderization of the wine, and catalytic oxidations causing premature ageing, and on the other hand, biological phenomena with bacterial developments responsible for rapid deterioration.

Thus, to facilitate the aging of a good vintage and the development of the qualities specific to each grape variety, protection against oxidation becomes imperative. The injection of a neutral gas into a bottle of wine makes it possible to preserve the liquid without alteration and to protect its aromas.

This process, well known to winemakers, is used systematically with efficiency in the vinification and aging of grands crus until bottling.

To the delight of our tasters, this process is applied at home until the last glass, without harming the prestige image of the wines.

Vignoble du matin


Linde Neutral Gas

Totally food safe, the inert gas creates a protective atmosphere that adds neither taste nor smell to the wine. It perfectly respects the organoleptic components of the product. Deprived of contamination by the air, the quality of the wine remains constant over time.

Inerting consists of replacing the layer of air, containing 21% oxygen, above the precious liquid with a neutral gas under low pressure. In contact with neutral gas, the wine will be protected from any chemical reaction. Thus, it retains all of its organoleptic qualities.

The technique of interaction

The technique of inerting described above is well known and practiced in the food industry and in the cellars of winemakers and merchants for years: preservation of oils, fruit juices and syrups, cereals, sugar… and wines of course!