The ideal glass of wine in 2023: A complete guide


The influence of the glass of wine on tasting

The essential element of any good tasting is undoubtedly the wine glass. Unthinkable to drink a grand cru in a simple plastic cup or in a whiskey glass! Beyond the pure aesthetic notion, the glass of wine makes it possible to best express the organoleptic characteristics of the precious beverage.

The different types of wine glasses

There are many types of wine glasses, all suitable for particular wines. Let’s take a look at some of these types together.

Burgundy wine glass

Historically, Bordeaux and Burgundy have opted for differently shaped wine glasses. It has a rounded shape at the bottom, with a fairly narrow opening: the aromas are very concentrated. This choice of glass is explained by the grape varieties present in Burgundy: it turns out that this form of wine glass is particularly suited to the development of Pinot Noir.

verre de vin _Wikeeps

Glass of Bordeaux wine

In the Bordeaux region, another form has proven itself. Slender wine glasses are the most used, because they are more suited to the characteristics of the region’s wines: Bordeaux wines have the unfortunate tendency to take longer to open up, their sometimes rough tannins require aeration period.

It is imperative to know how to serve wine correctly to guarantee the best tasting experience for your guests. Indeed, the amount of wine you pour into a glass is not a trivial detail, but a golden rule in the wine world.

  • Red wine :
    Pour up to half the glass.
    Use a wide glass to allow the wine to breathe.
    Swirl the wine to release its aromas.
  • White wine :
    Fill the glass one-third full.
    Prefer a glass with a narrow opening to concentrate the aromas.
  • Sparkling wine :
    Fill the glass three-quarters full.
    Serve in flutes or tulip glasses to keep the bubbles.

Le verre de vin de Bordeaux

The art of tasting with Wikeeps

Obviously, the art of tasting is complex and does not only depend on the glass, but mainly on its contents. At Wikeeps, we understand this and we strive to offer you ever more practical systems for preserving and serving wine by the glass, so that all your tastings are successful. Whether you are a simple amateur or a professional restaurateur, Wikeeps systems are made for you.

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