A successful by-the-glass wine list

wine by the glass


Maximize your wine by the glass offering with Wikeeps

The list is often a customer’s first impression of a restaurant or bar, giving them an idea of the selection of wines on offer and the prices charged. To maximize profits, operators set their own prices for wine by the glass, taking into account customers’ expectations in terms of quality and price.



Wine by the glass: a balance between science and art

There’s no easy standard formula for pricing wines when served by the glass. Each operator must find the right combination of science and art to satisfy customers while maximizing profitability. The process of calculating their prices  involves research into customer preferences, what other establishments are offering, interesting new wines not available elsewhere by the glass, as well as sources of supply for cut bottles.

Offer a variety of choices

A wine-by-the-glass list usually includes several wines of the same varietal, at similar prices. Although these recurring choices take up space on the menu, consumers appreciate having several bottle options of the same varietal, at the same price. This frees up space to diversify the menu in terms of varietal, region or price.

Quality and profitability

Top-of-the-range wines served  generally generate higher profits, while more affordable wines increase sales. It is also essential to include on the menu the main characteristics of the wines on offer, or to have well-trained staff to fill this gap. It’s crucial never to use the term “best” when comparing two wines, but rather to offer quality wine in all price ranges.

Minimize wine by the glass losses with Wikeeps systems

One of the challenges of good wine-by-the-glass selection is to minimize losses, which can occur when opened bottles are under-ordered and wines oxidize. Check out our range of Wikeeps service and preservation products on our website to guarantee your success. With Wikeeps, you can preserve the quality of your wines while minimizing losses, ensuring an exceptional experience for your customers.