Wibox2, wine like at the bistro



Wikeeps’ latest product is faithful to tradition: consuming wine remains an art of living and deserves certain conditions.
The Wikeeps process offers you a unique and resolutely modern way to serve it at the table while protecting it.
Also, and in view of the success encountered in the CHR and with wine professionals, the Wibox 2 follows in the footsteps of its big sister the Wibox 4: it is an elegant temperature maintenance cellar, with adjustable temperature from 5 to 18°C, LED backlighting to highlight the labels.

Wikeeps thus offers individuals all the advantages of a professional product in a version with a reduced size of only 25*25*30 cm.

The cold is created by a powerful Peltier system (electrical outlet) which has the advantage of not causing vibrations – ideal for wine – and of being very energy efficient.
The Wibox 2, equipped with 2 Wikeeps essential kits, will find its ideal place in your kitchen, between your toaster and your wine cellar.


Your bottles for tasting will always be at the perfect temperature so that you can enjoy your evening drink, in moderation but without ever compromising on quality…
Good tasting !