How to serve glasses of wine during your Holiday meals?


The Choice of Glass: A Crucial Step for Tasting

First, the choice of glass is crucial: this container influences both the visual impression and the taste of the wine. To best reveal the aromas, opt for a fine and luminous glass, highlighting the color of your wine. The shape of the glass should vary depending on the color of the wine.

For example, a (non-sparkling) white wine blossoms in a small, “bellied” glass with a narrow top, while a red wine rich in aromas reveals itself in a wide-bottomed glass, also narrowed at the top.


Boire du Vin pour fêter l'anniversaire


The Importance of Temperature when Serving Wine

Then, it is advisable to fill the glasses up to a third of their size to allow optimal diffusion of the aromas. According to the Bureau interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne (BIVB), it is best to hold the glass by the stem to avoid heating the wine.

Finally, temperature control is crucial for perfect tasting. The BIVB recommends specific temperatures depending on the type of wine: sparkling wines between 6 and 8°C, dry whites between 10 and 12°C, sweet white wines between 12 and 14°C and red wines at 16-17 °C.

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Enjoy your tastings!