Wiblog: a brand new information space around wine!



The WIBLOG seems to be an information space dedicated to the world of wine. It covers a variety of wine-related topics, ranging from Grands Crus estates in France and abroad, to the art of serving wine by the glass, to wine events such as fairs and tastings. It also highlights sommeliers and the Grandes Caves, while offering insights into wine estates and winemakers who share their knowledge and experiences through the opening of their cellars and their hearts.

In addition to this information, the WIBLOG offers interviews with wine professionals such as sommeliers, oenologists and restaurateurs. These interviews allow wine enthusiasts to learn more about the different facets of the wine industry and the people who play a vital role in it.

Overall, the WIBLOG seems to be a complete platform for wine lovers who wish to discover, learn and share their passion for this universe.