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Extra Stopper Bubbl.


Bouchons Smart Cap supplémentaires
Set de 2 ou 5 bouchons additionnels.

“Smart Cap”: stoppers

  • perfectly seal your bottle during and after service
  • are equipped with a pressure regulator to manage a pressure of 3 to 4 bars.
  • are perfectly sealed, for the transport of your bottles
  • allow you to open / serve / keep more bottles by the glass.


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Extra Stopper Bubbl.

Preservation of open champagne

  • Your bubbly fresh for 7 days
  • The first portable, simple et efficient sparkling wine preservation system
  • Boost your sparkling sales
  • No more Champagne waste

Sparkling wine preservation - BUBBL

The Smart Cap allows the bottle of sparkling wine to be closed perfectly

Smart Cap

Smart Cap stopper for BUBBL system


BUBBL.® is a French technological innovation at the service of sparkling wine lovers and professionals.
The system allows the perfect conservation of the opened champagne (bubbles and aromas) for more than 7 days.

“BUBBL. finally a simple offer for the service of Champagne by the glass”.

BUBBL.® capsules are manufactured within European Union and content enological gas This gas, of food quality, comes from the air and is supplied by our gas partner: Linde Gas.

As a guarantee of quality and performance, Linde’s experience in gases is recognized throughout the world.

Used in the vats of the greatest châteaux, the gases contained in BUBBL.® cartridges will ensure the quality of conservation that the finest bottles require.

BUBBL Gold Logo - champagne conservation

Each “Champagne” cartridge can preserve a minimum of 5 bottles (75cl).

Their performance, tested in an independent French laboratory, makes it possible to preserve champagnes for more than a week (bubbles and aromas).

Your questions on BUBBL® system- Champagne and other sparkling preservation

How long does the gas have to be injected to ensure that the open Champagne is well preserved?
The injector pistol has a trigger. Pulling this trigger will release the enological gas. It takes about 5 seconds to properly compress the remaining CO2 in the cylinder. In any case, you don’t risk anything by putting in too much gas because the Smart Cap regulates the pressure and will let out any excess. The Champagne preservation is thus guaranteed.
How should the BUBBL. system be maintained?
To ensure total hygiene, you can clean the Smart Cap which is made of food grade silicone and stainless steel. No further maintenance is needed. Be sure to store the gun properly and avoid dropping it or breaking the trigger (the only really fragile part)
How does the gas protect the Champagne?
Finger pressure on the gun handle pushes a food grade gas into the cylinder. As the cork is airtight, the injection creates a pressure in the bottle that compresses the existing CO2 while keeping the wine under a protective atmosphere. This preserves and protects the aromas of your wine for several days. It is for this reason that the conservation of open Champagne is optimal
At what temperature should the bottle be left to optimise the conservation of opened Champagne?
The wine is strongly affected by high temperatures. Once opened and protected with BUBBL. Your sparkling wines should always be placed in a cooler or ice bucket to keep the serving temperature below 10°C. The BUBBL cap is perfectly watertight, but it is still advisable to store the bottles vertically to guarantee perfect conservation. A solution for professionals: the Wibox countertop cellar with ideal temperature maintenance
Can I keep other sparkling wines than Champagne?
Yes, BUBBL is the universal system for all sparkling wines: Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta and other so-called “Champagne” methods The Smart Cap is universal and will fit all 0.75cl and 1.5L bottle sizes
What is the shelf life of open Champagne
BUBBL has been developed with cellar masters, sommeliers and Champagne lovers for more than 2 years. The level of CO2 varies from one Champagne to another and there is no exact science, but our tests showed a perfect wine after one week, both visually and in terms of taste and smell.
How do I know if the Champagne has expired?
BUBBL. will prevent the Champagne from going sour. Well beyond the announced week, the Champagne can remain quite pleasant… The CO2 concentration and therefore the bubble density is the most difficult part to maintain. Oxidation will only appear much later, perhaps after 4 to 5 weeks.
Can we keep some leftover Champagne open?
Yes, BUBBL will keep the rest of the Champagne, regardless of the level in the bottle.
The only difference is that the almost empty cylinder will need to be charged with slightly more gas since the amount of oxygen to be compressed in the empty cylinder is greater. But the system is perfect for this type of use… save a last cut for the next day!
Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
Smart cap stopper

Box of 2 stoppers, Box of 5 stoppers