10-pack “Champagne” enological CO2 cartridge (80% Co2 / 20% N2)


CO2 cartridge for Bubbl. sparkling wine preservation system.

Each Bubbl® cartridge can serve and preserve a minimum of 5 bottles (75cl bottles).

Their performance, tested in an independent laboratory, allows sparkling wines to be preserved perfectly for a week (bubbles + aromas).

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10-pack “Champagne” enological CO2 cartridge (80% Co2 / 20% N2)

What is delivered in the Bubbl. set

  • 1 pistol gun
  • 2 “smart caps” to seal perfectly your open bottles
  • 1 starter gas  CO2 cartridge filled with enological gas mix CO2/N2

Pistolet Bubbl + 2 smart caps - Bubbl sparkling preservation set


Bubbl.® is a French technological innovation that won an INNOVATION prize at the VITEFF 2023 international sparkling wine trade fair in Epernay.

Serving both amateurs and professionals of sparkling wines, the system enables to keep fresh open champagne and all other bubblies for more than 7 days thanks to CO2 gas cartridge.

Bubbl. prix à l'Innovation VITeff 2023 - innovation prize award

Bubbl. : finally a simple way to pour & preserve sparkling wines by the glass

Bubbl. the sparkling wine preservation kit

Bubbl.® N2 + CO2 cartridge are manufactured in the European Union

They contain Oenological gas,  a  food-grade gas that comes from the air and is supplied by our gas partner: Linde Gas.

A guarantee of quality and performance, Linde’s experience in gases is recognised throughout the world.

Used in the vats of the greatest châteaux, the gases contained in Bubbl.® cartridges will give you the quality of preservation that the finest bottles demand.

logo Bubbl. simpleLogo de Linde

Your questions about Bubbl.® gas CO2 cartridge for sparkling wine preservation.

Can I use Wikeeps capsule with Coravin system ?
Yes, both systems use the same format with the same food grade gas. Wikeeps adds CO2 to get immediate aeration plus more freshness to the wine left in the bottle. The only difference is the black adapter screwed on the Coravin capsule that you have to retrieve once and use it on each of your Wikeeps replacement capsules
How many bottles can I draw with a gas cartridge ?
The number of bottles can vary between 2 and 4 bottles according to the use. The average consumption is one cartridge for 3 bottles. This allows you to serve up to 18 standard size glasses !
How can we know that a gas cartridge is empty ?
If the pressure on the handle of the gun no longer pushes the wine into your glass, it means that the cartridge is empty. Without altering your wine, a cartridge is replaced without risk when a bottle is not completely finished. If the gun is detached from the central dome, it is sufficient to press the handle and hear a whistle to see if any gas remains.

Before disposing of a cartridge, it is recommended to empty it completely by pressing the handle before removing it from the tank, this is safe. The gases come from the atmosphere, so there are no ecological and health risks.

What should I do to change cartridges between two bottles or to change the bottle with the same cartridge ?
Before changing the cartridge, check that the cartridge is empty, ensuring that the wine does not rise in the glass. If it is not, empty it with the gun, according to the above procedure. There is no problem moving from one bottle to another with the same cartridge. It is preferable to use the recommended gas cartridge in the typology of each wine color, as explained in the product recommendations.

In case of stock shortage of certain types of gas, another kind of cartridges of the range Wikeeps can be used while enjoying a conservation of good quality. However, it is recommended to observe the recommendations indicated on the boxes of cartridges.

What happens to empty cartridges after use ?
The steel cartridges are recyclable in sorting with the household metals type can.
What is the life of a cartridge ?
If the cartridge is impacted, it is advisable to use it within three months. If the cartridge is not impacted, you must refer to the expiry date indicated on the box.

Liber Vinum
Liber Vinum
Spécialisés dans les vins dédiés à l'événementiel, les cartouches Wikeeps nous accompagnent quotidiennement et nous permettent d'optimiser nos dégustations. Nous en sommes ravis !
Cassandre Noguès
Cassandre Noguès
Professionnelle de la restauration, j'utilise ces bouchons au quotidien. Ils me permettent d'assurer la meilleure qualité de champagne peu importe la quantité restante dans la bouteille. Fini les pertes! Je recommande vivement, pour les pro et les moins pro ...
Qualità dei prodotti ottima ! Consegna rapidissima anche in italia ! 👍🏻👍🏻
CAFFE NOVECENTO “caffe novecento” TIRANO
CAFFE NOVECENTO “caffe novecento” TIRANO
Je travaille avec cette entreprise depuis des années, tous leurs produits sont de la plus haute qualité. Livraison rapide et précise. BRAVI
erica N
erica N
J'aime consommer du bon vin avec modération... Wikeeps est l'outil idéal pour conserver la bouteille plusieurs jours. J'ai même rajouté la Wibox 2 pour gérer la température... J'adore !
Lo Prige
Lo Prige
Des cartouches pour la conservation du vin de qualité et au meilleur prix !

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79% Argon + 21% CO²


21 ml – 0,71 Oz / 6,5g compressed at 205mPA


Stainless Steel , Chromed steel