Preserving wine, the essential equipment

wikeeps wine preservation system


When you really appreciate good bottles and want to preserve your wine, you are inevitably confronted with the problem of storing them. When we talk about storing our wine, we mean above all that it must be preserved without being spoiled. Various factors enter into this equation, such as temperature, humidity and space.

Storing your bottles correctly to preserve your wine

In theory, there is nothing like a professional cellar, such as those found on wine estates. Indeed, the freshness is constant there, whatever the external climatic changes throughout the year.


Hungarian wines: an ancestral tradition hungarian wines : an ancestral tradition

preserving wine : wikeeps essential equipment

A rigorous temperature

One can rent a suitable space or equip oneself at home, with devices such as conservation cellars that can accommodate from 6 to 300 bottles. These wine cabinets have temperatures that vary between 11 and 12 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature for storing white wine. Red wine, on the other hand, can withstand a few degrees more.

Good ventilation and humidity

In addition to the right temperature, the wine must be kept in a place that is well ventilated, with a high level of humidity (ideally between 70% and 75%). To measure this accurately, you will need to invest in a hygrometer.

The position of the bottles

The correct position of the bottles is also important. The bottles must lie flat so that the cork remains moist, which prevents it from drying out. Choose a cellar model or storage racks that are adapted to this position. Once you have found the perfect place to store your bottles, you must ensure that the storage conditions remain stable so as not to disturb the wine.

Keeping an open bottle of wine

As with any unopened bottle, a wine that has been opened needs to be stored away from the refrigerator.

That’s where Wikeeps comes in with its wine by the glass, aeration and preservation system.
Its patented process: the injection of a neutral gas, a mixture of Argon and CO2, into the bottle preserves the wine and keeps all its organoleptic qualities.

This food-grade gas inerts the bottle at each service and creates a protective atmosphere that is totally neutral in taste and smell. Protected from oxidation and contact with the air, the wine retains all its qualities and aromas for up to 30 days after opening the bottle.


The function of Wikeeps® is thus multiple: in one single action you serve your wine elegantly by the glass, you aerate the wine and you inert the bottle by injecting the Wikeeps® oenological gas.

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