Coravin gas cartridge: a must-have for wine lovers in 2023



The world of wine is constantly evolving, driven by the momentum of new technologies that enhance the art of wine tasting. Among these innovations, the Coravin Cartridge has made a name for itself, becoming a must-have accessory for wine lovers. This comprehensive guide will help you understand how it works, what it’s for and how to maximize its use.


What is a Coravin gas cartridge?

Also called gas capsule, this is an essential component of the Coravin system, a device that enables wine to be served without having to remove the cork. A fine needle pierces the cork, extracting the wine while an inert gas, argon, is injected to replace the volume of wine removed. This gas prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the remaining wine, thus preserving its quality.


capsule coravin

Why use this coravin gas cartridge?

It offers a revolutionary solution for wine lovers who want to enjoy a bottle over several days, or even weeks. By preventing oxidation, the wine retains its original taste, as if the bottle had just been opened. It’s a wise investment for anyone who appreciates a good bottle of wine and wants to enjoy it at their own pace.


How does the Coravin gas cartridge work?

The operation of the Coravin Capsule is simple, but based on rigorous scientific principles. When the Coravin system needle penetrates the cork, the cartridge releases argon gas into the bottle. This inert gas, heavier than oxygen, creates a protective barrier over the wine, preventing oxidation.


Maximizing utilization

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Cartridge:

  • Make sure the cartridge is correctly installed in the Coravin system.
  • When serving wine, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle to avoid wasting gas.
  • Bear in mind that each cartridge can serve up to 15 glasses of wine (150ml per glass).


Avantages and disadvantages of Coravin gas cartridge

Advantages :

  • Preserves wine quality
  • Allows simultaneous tasting of different bottles
  • Economical in the long term for wine lovers

Disadvantages :

  • High initial cost
  • Incompatible with plastic corks and screw caps

Choose Wikeeps: the economical alternative to Coravin gas cartridges

Similar to Coravin, Wikeeps is a system that allows you to enjoy your wine without having to open the bottle, using inert gas cartridges. The main advantage of Wikeeps is its cost: Wikeeps cartridges are generally less expensive than their Coravin counterparts, while offering similar preservation quality.

In addition to its economic benefits, the Wikeeps Cartridge offers several other advantages. Like Coravin, it uses argon to prevent wine oxidation, guaranteeing optimal tasting over a long period. What’s more, the Wikeeps system is easy to use and compatible with a wide range of wine bottles.


cartouche Coravin


The Coravin gas cartridge represents a major advance in the world of wine. If you’re a wine lover who appreciates variety and longevity, it could be a worthwhile investment.



1. How long does wine stay fresh with the Coravin gas cartridge?

With proper use, wine can stay chilled for weeks or even months.


2. How many glasses of wine can a Coravin gas cartridge serve?

A Coravin Cartridge can serve up to 15 glasses of wine of 150 ml each.


3. Is the Coravin gas cartridge compatible with all wine bottles?

No, it is not compatible with bottles with plastic stoppers or screw caps.


4. Where can I buy Coravin gas cartridges?

They are available from most wine and spirits retailers, as well as from various online sites.


5. What gas is used in Coravin gas cartridges?

Coravin Cartridges use argon, an inert gas that prevents wine oxidation.