How to enjoy Amagnac brandy in 2023 ?


10 practical tips for enjoying Armagnac brandy

Just like any other wine, this grape brandy should not be enjoyed any old way. To take full advantage of its exquisite aroma and taste, it’s essential to savor it according to the rules of the art. Despite its reputation and its qualities, especially in terms of taste, many people still don’t know how to taste this famous beverage. Here are a few practical tips to help you do just that. Here’s where we come in.


Choosing the right glass for your Armagnac brandy

To taste Armagnac well, it is first of all advisable to choose the glass with which you will drink it. The ideal is to opt for balloon glasses. Indeed, these hold well in hand in addition to being generous. However, tulip glasses can also do the trick, as they effectively concentrate the aromas.


Observe the shine and hue of the drink

Once you’ve chosen the right glass for your brandy, pour it into the glass, then tilt it to observe its brilliance and tint. Don’t forget that the color of this beverage indicates its ageing in oak casks. The same applies to its maturity.


Measuring the aromatic richness of the eau-de-vie

To fully enjoy this beverage, it’s important to measure its aromatic richness. To do this, simply swirl it in your glass, then wet the inside walls. This increases the evaporation surface. Then simply inhale gently.


A first taste of Armagnac brandy

Now that we’ve measured the aromatic richness of the famous eau-de-vie, it’s time for a first taste. It’s advisable to take only a small amount into the mouth to gently coat the palate with its aromas. At the same time, it helps to tame the taste buds.


Warm the glass of armagnac brandy in your hands

Once you’ve emptied your glass, it’s best to warm it in your hands. By doing so, you’ll be able to smell the essence of the armagnac that’s still in it. You’ll be able to smell vanilla, spices and other aromas.


Enjoy brandy as an aperitif

If you’re wondering when to enjoy this drink, you should know that you can enjoy it as an aperitif, in cocktail form. However, it’s best to opt for a young bottle that can be accompanied by sparkling water, ice cubes, tonic, etc.


During a meal

This brandy can also be enjoyed with a meal. Once again, young vintages are recommended. To accompany it, you can choose duck with honey, foie gras, chocolate moelleux, etc., as well as sweet and savory dishes.


As a digestive

Contrary to popular belief, it can also be enjoyed as a digestive. For those who don’t know, it has digestive benefits at the end of a meal. So, whatever you’re planning to eat, you can finish your meal with this brandy.


Enjoy with a cigar

This brandy can also be enjoyed simply with a cigar. You don’t have to drink it with your meal. You can also enjoy its different qualities at any time with friends, for example.


An essential ingredient for the kitchen

Armagnac can also be used in the kitchen. More specifically, it can be used to spice up a sauce, deglaze a preparation, flambé shellfish or poultry, and much more.

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