Tasting wines and Oeno-tourism

wine tastings


Wikeeps an innovative range of products

Spring opens the wine tourism season and tasting wines at the Domaines.

The presentation of the history of wines and their tasting at the estate remains the best way to discover a wine. There are more and more tastings, with estates wishing to offer specialists and wine lovers a taste of their new products and their best bottles.

wine tastings

However, all estates and vineyards face one problem, the waste of wine

Indeed, during a wine tasting, a large number of bottles are opened to satisfy all visitors. But once the tasting is over, most of the bottles will not be finished and many will even be barely started.
Wikeeps was invented to respond to this constraint, right in the middle of the vineyards, when its two founders where discussing with winegrowers and identified this problem.
Wikeeps is a technological innovation resulting from a patented system born in the Bordeaux region, allowing a bottle to be kept for up to 30 days after opening but also to serve wine by the glass while keeping the bottle vertical.

Wikeeps equips prestigious clients such as Château Guiraud, Château Smith Haut Lafitte, Châteaux Margaux and  Vignoble Chatonnet, of which here is a client testimonial:

Wikeeps offers a unique performance for estates and vineyards tasting wines

Just because the wine generally oxidizes after few days once opening the bottle.
It is possible thanks to the use of an oenological gas, a mixture of argon (80%) and CO2 (20%), a neutral and ideal alloy for protecting wine from oxidation and preserving all its taste properties without dry it up.

How? ‘Or’ What ? With each serving of a tasting glass with Wikeeps, the gas pushes the wine and takes its place in the bottle, forming a protective atmosphere inside it. The gas thus positioned above the wine, it acts as if the size of the bottle was reduced with each service. Protected from the air, the wine is protected from oxidation and retains its entire organoleptic palette with strict respect for the work of the winegrower.

The process is also inspired by the inert gas tank inerting process during the winemaking process,
Wikeeps has “just “adapted it to the bottle with the most qualitative gas mixture on the market: – the choice of Argon: heavier than air and less volatile than Nitrogen, it prevents any evaporation of molecules rich in aromas, nature hates a vacuum and argon is the best ally to maintain nature red and white wines.

Why the contribution of CO2 ? 

It simply balances the rate of dissolved CO2 naturally present in the bottle of wine, thus avoiding drying out the wine throughout the service. It is recognized by oenologists that 100% argon or 100% nitrogen gas capsules are much astringent for wines.

Finally, Wikeeps also developped a wide range of wine storage box, called Wibox, which comes in many variants for two, four, six or height bottles. Better than a wine fridge, it will allow you to keep your best bottles at the ideal storage temperature but also to highlight them during tastings.

These beautiful display cases are wine coolers, WIBOX2 and 4 are thermoelectrical , lightweight are very affordable while WIBOX6 and 8 are real fridge with Thermocompressor and subtile bi-temperature management.
They are open at the top, accommodate wine bottles fitted with the Essential Wikeeps preservation kit.

The complete offer thus meets the 3 qualities required for an optimal tasting in the cellar:
1 – the ideal temperature for tasting the wine,
2 – a preserved wine without a note of oxidation,
3 – an elegant service by the glass which enhances the bottle and the fruit of the work of the wine. Winemaker, without moving the bottle

Best of wine, anytime !