Wine storage 2024

wine storage system



A good cellar is the best way to preserve wine. Having a cellar is the best solution.

For optimum wine conservation, you need good walls with good insulation (walls, floor and ceiling), an insulated door and high-performance air conditioning, adapted to the volume of the room. Temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and environment are just some of the criteria to be taken into account.

Temperature is an essential element in wine preservation. Wine stored at the wrong temperature is likely to deteriorate rapidly. To avoid seeing your best bottles at a tragic end, store them at a temperature of between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. Above 15°C, you expose your wines to the risk of expansion and contraction, compromising their organic vitality.

Hygrometry is also very important for wine conservation. The cork in your bottles is subject to external aggressions that can taint the contents of your wine. If it doesn’t age well, the cork can lead to oxidation and give the wine that dreaded “corky taste”.

To prevent this type of mishap, it’s a good idea to know that a humidity level of between 70% and 80% will minimize the risks.Another important point for the proper conservation of wine in the cellar: aeration. A poorly ventilated cellar is more prone to mold and odors, especially if humidity levels are high.

As far as lighting is concerned, avoid ultraviolet rays, which can damage wine, and neon lights, especially when storing sparkling wine. Finally, for your cellar, choose a vibration-free location so as not to disturb your wine.


If you respect these conditions, you’ll be able to enjoy optimal wine conservation. You’ll be able to enjoy your best vintages with the confidence of knowing they’ve been well preserved. As far as service is concerned, Wikeeps offers you its preservation and service systems (the Essentiel and Grandioso boxes) which will enable you to serve and preserve bottles from deterioration for up to 20 days after opening.

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