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Essential Box


The Essential box is intended for still, white, red and rosé wines.

The Essential box is sold without cartridges.

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The box contains

1 dispensing gun, 1 Elite central dome for still wines, 1 pouring spout, 1 filter, 1 set of 3 preservative stoppers (and 2 spare sets), 1 instruction manual in a box that can accommodate spare stoppers.


1 dispensing gun

1 Elite central cupola

1 spout

Set of preservative caps



Wikeeps® is a technological innovation at the service of wine and champagne amateurs and professionals.

Wikeeps® cartridges are manufactured in the European Union and contain Oenological gas. This gas, of food quality, comes from the air and is supplied by our gas partner: Linde Gas.

As a guarantee of quality and performance, Linde’s experience in gases is recognized throughout the world.

Used in the vats of the greatest châteaux, the gases contained in the Wikeeps® cartridges will ensure the quality of preservation required by the finest bottles.

Each Wikeeps® cartridge can serve and preserve 18 glasses (3 bottles of 75cl).

Their performance, tested in an independent French laboratory, allows wines to be kept for more than 20 days.

Your questions about the Wikeeps® System

How to properly pour the wine into the glass to obtain a quality service?
Place the glass in contact with the spout, or at most 10 cm above it, to avoid stains from splashes. A jet that is too long can cause the wine to foam slightly on the surface due to the pressure of the flow.
What should be done to properly maintain it?
To ensure total hygiene, the gooseneck spout can be easily cleaned with water using a small brush provided for this purpose in the Prestige box. The material used is of very high quality, it does not absorb odors and does not deteriorate over time. Assembled or not, it is recommended to clean it after each end of bottle or wine color change.
How to ensure an effective air vacuum to avoid rapid oxidation of still or sparkling wine?
The pressure of the finger on the pistol grip pushes a food gas into the bottle, pressure is exerted on the surface of the wine and allows the contents to be poured into the glass. This injection keeps the wine under a protective atmosphere to help preserve and protect the aromas of your wine for several weeks.
How do you serve wine at the right temperature?
This does not change your habits, whites, rosés, sweets, sparkling wines always slip into a cooler or an ice bucket to quickly obtain and maintain a lower temperature. It can also be stored in modern refrigerators with large compartments. Ideal for immediate service at the right temperature, with the exception of the reds which are served between 15 and 18°C. It is recommended to store it vertically in the bottle compartments. It is advisable to store the bottles vertically to guarantee a perfect seal.
What happens if I forget to put the preservative cap on the end of the spout after use?
This preservative stopper has a double use: it serves both as an anti-drip and prevents oxidation for the small part of wine that remains in the gooseneck. If missing, the small surface of wine located in the spout could oxidize. In the long term, the benefits of Wikeeps® will be reduced. It is therefore recommended to place the cap at the end of the day of use.
Is the wine already decanted when it flows from the spout?
No, Wikeeps® is not intended to replace the noble step of decanting. To sublimate the grands crus, it is advisable to continue to decant them for good aeration at least 1 hour before tasting so that they can express their best potential.
What changes in my pleasure of decanting old vintages?
Nothing, quite the contrary, by gradually drawing off the desired quantity to be decanted, this will allow you not to lose the altered wine at the bottom of the carafe. The smaller the quantity in your decanter, the faster the wine will open. Wine always goes flat faster in a carafe than in an open bottle because the oxygen uptake is stronger. Adding a cork to a carafe never ensures a good seal. When the Wikeeps® is in the position of use, without removing it from its original bottle, the wine can be decanted normally by dose, while retaining the benefit of decanting intact.
Can the Wikeeps® system be combined with a rapid settling process?
Yes, today there are more modern methods than the carafe to aerate wine quickly. Performance props based on the Bernoulli tube system are effective. The principle is based on the technique of fluids, this allows to bring the right amount of air in the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. It reveals a better bouquet, intensified aromas and a softer finish. It’s quick and easy. The faster the speed of a fluid, the more the pressure in the fluid decreases. When the wine passes through this tube, the speed of the wine is accelerated and therefore the pressure is decreased. The pressure difference allows the wine to be mixed with the incoming air, which allows perfect aeration.

For decanting experts, this principle combines perfectly with Wikeeps® so as not to salivate in front of your decanter while waiting for your nectar to keep all its promises.