Wine by the glass



You may have noticed this already, but restaurants are increasingly offering wine by the glass service. This trend is obviously the reflection of greater customer interest in this type of consumption. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Several factors can be taken into account to explain it, let’s try to summarize them.

Above all, wine by the glass makes it possible to offer customers wines of better quality. Rather than ordering a half bottle of a mid-range wine at a given price, customers are now more likely to request a premium glass of wine for an equivalent price.

For customers, the wine by the glass service allows them to better control their consumption. It is useless to recall that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, and that it is all the more reprehensible to drive in a state of intoxication. Wine by the glass allows you to say “stop” at the right time.

As for restaurateurs, the interest in opting for a wine by the glass service is very real. Of course, the question of customer satisfaction is essential. But it can also be much more profitable for restaurants to offer wine by the glass service. The wines on offer can then move upmarket, and thus allow restaurateurs to maximize their profits.

System Wikeeps

Wikeeps wine by the glass preservation and service systems (Essentiel and Grandioso Boxes) preserve a bottle from any tampering for up to 20 days after opening. The system developed (a Bordeaux patent!) adds argon, a neutral natural gas, to the bottle.
With such a shelf life, restaurateurs then have the power to better manage their inventory and maximize their profits. Wikeeps (Wibox) refrigeration systems keep open bottles at the ideal temperature.

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