Wikeeps: The ideal gift for Mother’s and Father’s Day

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With Mother’s and Father’s Day fast approaching, the existential question arises: what am I going to give as a present? Don’t panic, for all wine lovers, the Coffret Prestige from Wikeeps is the ideal gift for both Mr and Mrs!

The history of celebrations

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the last Sunday in May, and Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June. This year the dates are May 29 and June 19 in France.
Wikeeps the perfect gift!

It’s often a headache to find a Mother’s and Father’s Day gift. In 2015, LSA magazine published the results of a survey on the most popular Father’s Day gifts. And it’s no surprise to find wine and alcohol in first place, ahead of books, perfumes and even clothing.

So it’s only natural that the Coffret Prestige from Wikeeps should be the ideal gift. Original, useful and innovative. It will allow each of your parents to finally open the beautiful bottles you’ve given them in previous years. They’ll be proud to be able to use their Wikeeps box for dinners, aperitifs and other evenings out with friends or lovers.


Vin rouge


The Coffret Prestige allows two bottles of wine to be preserved and served simultaneously for several days after opening. In a configuration where Madame prefers white and Monsieur red, or Madame a Pessac Léognan and Monsieur a Côte du Rhône, the Coffret Prestige offers them the choice of 2 bottles for tasting over the week, and even up to 20 days after opening. They have time to taste their favorite bottles, and the wine will be waiting for them without losing its quality or freshness.

Expanding the Wine Experience

For parents who have a passion for wine, the Coffret Prestige from Wikeeps is more than just a gift—it’s an enhancement to their entire wine-drinking experience. This sophisticated system not only preserves the integrity of their favorite bottles but also elevates the ritual of wine tasting. With the ability to serve wine at the perfect temperature and preserve its freshness for up to 20 days, the Coffret Prestige ensures that every glass is as delightful as the first, providing a professional-quality wine experience right at home.

Moreover, the versatility of the Coffret Prestige allows for a greater exploration of wines. Parents can now comfortably open multiple bottles without the pressure of finishing them quickly. This means they can indulge in tasting different wines side by side, perhaps comparing a Bordeaux with a Burgundy or enjoying a crisp Chardonnay alongside a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. This opportunity to savor and compare enhances their appreciation and understanding of the complex world of wine, making each occasion a learning experience as well as a pleasure.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Coffret Prestige is not just a one-time gift; it’s a tool that continues to bring joy and convenience long after the initial excitement of unwrapping it. For social gatherings, it becomes a centerpiece of conversation and enjoyment. Imagine your parents hosting a dinner party where they can impress their guests with a seamless wine-serving experience, pouring perfect glasses of wine that have been preserved at their peak. The Coffret Prestige turns any meal into a gourmet event, allowing hosts to share their favorite wines with confidence, knowing each bottle will remain in pristine condition throughout the evening.

Additionally, for those quieter, more intimate moments, the Coffret Prestige offers the luxury of enjoying a glass of wine without the concern of wasting the rest of the bottle. Whether it’s a romantic evening for two or a solo night of relaxation, your parents can savor their favorite wine at their own pace, appreciating each glass fully. This kind of thoughtful gift adds value to their everyday lives, creating lasting memories and enhancing their wine journey.

In conclusion, the Coffret Prestige by Wikeeps is an exceptional gift that combines practicality, elegance, and innovation. It’s a perfect way to show appreciation and love to wine-enthusiast parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day, providing them with a gift that enhances their lifestyle and brings continuous enjoyment. Don’t miss the chance to join the Wikeeps community and elevate the wine experiences of those you cherish most. Cheers to making every sip special!

Enhancing Home Cellar Management

For parents who take pride in their home wine cellars, the Coffret Prestige from Wikeeps is an invaluable addition. This advanced system allows them to manage their wine collection more effectively by reducing the need to consume entire bottles quickly. Instead of worrying about oxidation and spoilage, they can now enjoy a variety of wines over an extended period. This means they can strategically plan their wine consumption, opening a prized bottle on a special occasion without feeling the pressure to finish it all at once. The Coffret Prestige not only preserves the wine but also enhances its presentation, making each tasting experience special and memorable.

Furthermore, the Coffret Prestige encourages wine enthusiasts to expand their horizons and experiment with different wines. By maintaining the freshness of each bottle for up to 20 days, it provides ample opportunity to explore new regions, vintages, and varietals. Parents can indulge in themed tastings, comparing and contrasting different wines without the fear of waste. This encourages a deeper appreciation of wine and fosters a more dynamic and engaging wine culture at home.

The Perfect Companion for Wine Education

For those parents who are passionate about wine education, the Coffret Prestige offers an excellent tool for learning and exploration. Whether they are seasoned connoisseurs or just beginning their journey into the world of wine, the ability to preserve and serve wine perfectly enhances their tasting experiences. They can take notes on the evolving flavors of a bottle over several days, gaining insights into how wines develop after opening. This hands-on experience is invaluable for understanding the nuances of wine aging and flavor profiles.

Moreover, the Coffret Prestige can be a catalyst for social and educational wine gatherings. Your parents can host wine-tasting sessions with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts, sharing their love of wine while enjoying perfectly preserved bottles. These gatherings can become regular events, where everyone can learn and enjoy the vast world of wine together. The Coffret Prestige thus not only preserves wine but also cultivates a richer, more informed appreciation of it, turning every pour into a celebration of knowledge and pleasure.


The Coffret Prestige Wikeeps® is an original gift that will please any wine-loving couple. Its ease of use, professional quality wine storage and serving by the glass will quickly make your gift a must-have for your parents.

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