Wikeeps preserves natural wine!


The excellence of natural wine preservation

The oenological process used by Wikeeps is acclaimed by many establishments wishing to offer an irreproachable quality of service and conservation for wine by the glass.
Remember that “natural wine or natural wine is the result of a philosophical choice aimed at finding he natural expression of the terroir.It is generally made from grapes worked in Organic Farming, without weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers or other additions of synthetic products.

The harvest is manual and during vinification the winemaker strives to keep the living character of the wine. Technical interventions that could alter the bacterial life of the wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemical products, with the exception, if necessary, of sulphites in very small quantities. The maximum tolerated doses of total SO2 are 30mg/l for reds, 40mg/l for whites”.

Unique use of a mix Argon + CO2

Indeed, the natural, neutral and inert gas developed in its patented system combines Argon and CO2. The latter proves to be the solution for preserving natural wine which tends to evolve very quickly once opened because of its low SO2 content.

For example, Philippe Baranes’ latest restaurant, Le Dessance, where food and drink pairings give way to exceptional ingenuity, both in terms of the beauty of the dishes laid out in front of you and the quality of the wines on offer. He offers us, among other things, a Zibibbo by the glass – IGT Sicilia Zibibbo, 2009 Serragghia – Sicilian natural wine better known as Muscat of Alexandria, a white grape variety from Africa that has an aromatic musky flavor.

The bottle served at an ideal temperature of 12°C thanks to an elegant Wibox 2 is offered to your eyes when entering the restaurant…you won’t be able to resist tasting this excellent wine whose owner has released only 1,500 bottles since his Pantelleria Island!

Wikeeps, Best of Wine anytime