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The excellence of natural wine preservation

The oenological process used by Wikeeps is acclaimed by many establishments wishing to offer an irreproachable quality of service and conservation for wine by the glass.
Remember that “natural wine or natural wine is the result of a philosophical choice aimed at finding he natural expression of the terroir.It is generally made from grapes worked in Organic Farming, without weedkillers, pesticides, fertilizers or other additions of synthetic products.

The harvest is manual and during vinification the winemaker strives to keep the living character of the wine. Technical interventions that could alter the bacterial life of the wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemical products, with the exception, if necessary, of sulphites in very small quantities. The maximum tolerated doses of total SO2 are 30mg/l for reds, 40mg/l for whites”.

Unique use of a mix Argon + CO2

Indeed, the natural, neutral and inert gas developed in its patented system combines Argon and CO2. The latter proves to be the solution for preserving natural wine which tends to evolve very quickly once opened because of its low SO2 content.

For example, Philippe Baranes’ latest restaurant, Le Dessance, where food and drink pairings give way to exceptional ingenuity, both in terms of the beauty of the dishes laid out in front of you and the quality of the wines on offer. He offers us, among other things, a Zibibbo by the glass – IGT Sicilia Zibibbo, 2009 Serragghia – Sicilian natural wine better known as Muscat of Alexandria, a white grape variety from Africa that has an aromatic musky flavor.

The bottle served at an ideal temperature of 12°C thanks to an elegant Wibox 2 is offered to your eyes when entering the restaurant…you won’t be able to resist tasting this excellent wine whose owner has released only 1,500 bottles since his Pantelleria Island!

The Role of Argon and CO2 in Wine Preservation

The innovative use of Argon and CO2 in Wikeeps’ preservation system is pivotal in maintaining the integrity and flavor profile of natural wines. Argon, being a noble gas, is heavier than air and does not react with the wine, forming a protective layer that prevents oxidation. CO2, on the other hand, adds a slight effervescence that can enhance certain wine characteristics while also acting as a preservative. This dual-gas system is particularly beneficial for natural wines, which, due to their minimal intervention nature, are more susceptible to rapid changes once exposed to oxygen. By creating an optimal storage environment, Wikeeps ensures that each glass of natural wine retains its intended taste and bouquet, delivering an authentic terroir experience to the consumer.

Success Stories and Industry Adoption

The adoption of Wikeeps’ technology by high-end restaurants and wine bars underscores its effectiveness and reliability. Establishments like Philippe Baranes’ Le Dessance have embraced this system to offer an unparalleled wine-by-the-glass experience. The ability to serve rare and delicate wines, such as the IGT Sicilia Zibibbo 2009 Serragghia, by the glass without compromising quality, opens up new opportunities for wine lovers to explore unique and limited-edition wines. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces waste, as wines remain fresh and viable for a longer period. The precision in temperature control, as exemplified by the Wibox 2, ensures that each pour is at its optimal serving condition, further elevating the dining experience.

Expanding the Horizons of Wine Preservation

The application of Argon and CO2 in preserving natural wines is just the beginning. As the wine industry evolves, there is growing interest in extending these preservation techniques to other forms of beverages and food products that benefit from minimal oxygen exposure. The principles of using inert gases to maintain freshness could revolutionize the storage and serving of artisanal beers, specialty spirits, and even certain perishable foods. This innovation highlights the potential for broader applications in the culinary and hospitality sectors, where quality and customer experience are paramount.

The Future of Natural Wine and Preservation Technology

Looking forward, the continuous improvement and adaptation of preservation technologies like those offered by Wikeeps will play a crucial role in the natural wine movement. As consumers become more educated and discerning about their wine choices, the demand for natural wines and sustainable practices will only increase. Preservation systems that can maintain the purity and character of these wines will be essential in meeting this demand. Furthermore, ongoing research and development in gas preservation could lead to even more refined and specialized systems tailored to different types of wines and beverages, ensuring that each product is enjoyed at its best.

Elevating Consumer Experience

The integration of Wikeeps’ advanced preservation technology elevates the consumer experience by ensuring that each glass of wine, whether natural or conventional, is served in its optimal state. This guarantees that the wine retains its intended aromas, flavors, and complexities, allowing consumers to fully appreciate the nuances crafted by the winemaker. For wine enthusiasts, the ability to enjoy rare and premium wines by the glass without the fear of rapid degradation is a game-changer. This not only democratizes access to high-quality wines but also encourages exploration and discovery of new varieties and vintages.

Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Moreover, the use of Argon and CO2 for wine preservation aligns with broader trends towards sustainability and reduced waste in the hospitality industry. By extending the shelf life of opened bottles, Wikeeps helps restaurants and wine bars minimize waste, which is both economically and environmentally beneficial. This commitment to sustainability does not come at the expense of quality. Instead, it enhances it, as each pour remains as close to the winemaker’s original vision as possible. As the market for natural and organic wines grows, so too does the importance of reliable preservation methods that respect and maintain the integrity of these wines, reinforcing Wikeeps’ role as a leader in innovative wine technology.


In conclusion, the excellence of natural wine preservation through the use of Wikeeps’ Argon and CO2 system represents a significant advancement in oenology. This technology not only protects the delicate balance of natural wines but also enhances the overall wine-drinking experience. By adopting these innovative methods, establishments can offer their patrons a taste of exceptional wines, preserving the essence of the terroir and the winemaker’s vision. As we move towards a future where natural and organic products are increasingly valued, the role of advanced preservation systems will be indispensable in delivering quality and sustainability in the world of wine.

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