Which wine glasses to choose to enjoy your wine?


The shape of a wine glasses will influence our perception of wine quality.

Aesthetics aside, it’s impossible to enjoy a wine without a glass that shows it off to its best advantage.
The different shapes of wine glasses are adapted to best appreciate the robe, aromas and nose. So which one should you choose? Size, shape? Here are a few tips to help you answer the question: which wine glasses should I choose?


quel verre à vin choisir

The shape of the wine glasses

This will influence our perception of the wine. The different areas of our tongue are more or less sensitive to sweetness or acidity.

A straight glass is designed to deposit the wine on the tip of the tongue. This allows us to better perceive the wine’s sweet aromas and alcohol.

Conversely, a narrow glass allows the wine to flow more quickly. The liquid passes quickly over the tip of the tongue and settles at the back of the mouth. As a result, our perception of sweetness is lessened, and acidity comes to the fore.


Stemmed glass size and height

A 35 cl glass is the most suitable size for all types of wine. A smaller glass is recommended for sweeter wines. Conversely, a large glass is preferable for tasting grands crus.

– Burgundy glass: a wide glass with a narrow rim and long stem. Perfect for Burgundies, whites and other young reds.

– Bordeaux glass: this glass has a very high stem, making it ideal for all wines except delicate whites.

– Versatile wine glass: smaller than the Bordeaux glass, it’s ideal for light and powerful whites, young reds and older wines.


Things to remember when choosing wine glasses:

The most important thing is to have a transparent glass, so you can appreciate the wine’s color. A good wine glass is a stemmed one that you can hold by its stem to avoid heating it with your fingers. Finally, if you don’t have room for six glasses of different shapes, universal glasses are the answer.

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