Gas refills

Gas refills

Oenological gas refills – Argon & CO2 / N2

Wikeeps is the French specialist in wine conservation since 2010.
Its first patent is for the service and preservation of still wines.
It uses argon / CO2 gas refills since then.

Wine preservation gas is a mixture of gases used to protect wine from oxygen damage. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it can deteriorate and lose its aroma and quality. Wine preservative gas is used to replace oxygen in the cork and bottle of wine to preserve its taste and aroma.

There are several types of wine preservative gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. Each of these gases has its own characteristics and is used in different ways in the preservation of wine.

Nitrogen is an inert gas that is often used to replace oxygen in wine bottles to prevent oxidation. Carbon dioxide is also an inert gas, but it is used primarily to replace air in wine bottles that have been opened and are not fully consumed. Argon is an inert gas that is used in a similar way to nitrogen to protect wine from oxidation.

Wine inerting involves replacing the oxygen in the cork and wine bottle with an inert gas, such as nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide.
This technique is used to protect the wine from alterations caused by oxygen and to preserve its aromas and taste quality.

Wine inerting is generally used when the wine is bottled and when the bottle is opened and the wine is not fully consumed. It can also be used to protect the wine during transportation and storage.

It is important to note that wine inerting cannot replace the aromas and taste qualities lost in wine that has been altered by oxygen. It can only be used to protect the wine from future oxygen damage.

Our wine and champagne preservation systems are powered by our own consumables using natural, neutral and inert gases such as Argon, CO2 and Nitrogen (N2), gases developed and manufactured with Linde, the German oenology specialist.
For still wines, our consumables contain a mix of Argon + CO2, ideal for the conservation of all great wines.
The presence of CO2 is more than ever essential as wines have evolved in recent years towards more natural products and naturally rich in dissolved CO2. The CO2 injected in this way prevents the wine from drying out.

For sparkling wines, our consumables contain a mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen, which is also ideal to prevent the effervescence of the wine while avoiding the oxidation generally unavoidable with traditional corks.
Choosing Wikeeps gas cartridges means choosing a consumable of impeccable quality combining pure Argon and CO2, derived from the air and bottled by the world leader in the industry.