Extend the pleasure of english sparkling wine over 7 days with Bubbl.


With Bubbl., english sparkling wine can be kept for more than 7 days when opened

If you’re a fan of Champagne, Cava, Franciacorta or other english sparkling wine , you know how important it is to preserve the bubbles and aromas of these effervescent wines. Opening a bottle of champagne is always a special experience, but what do you do when you can’t finish it all in one go?

That’s where Bubbl. comes in, a revolutionary new system that keeps these delicious sparkling wines open for over 7 days without sacrificing their quality.

The challenge of preserving english sparkling wine

English sparkling wine, with its effervescent bubbles, is a beverage that can be difficult to preserve once opened. Traditionally, it was suggested that the shelf life of a bottle of champagne after opening was relatively short, ranging from a few hours to a few days. The big question was how long a champagne could retain its fizz, aroma and freshness after being opened.


Champagne conservation

The maximum shelf life of english sparkling wine

An in-depth study by a team of French scientists, led by CNRS researcher Gérard Liger-Belair, has provided some fascinating answers to this question. The study was published in the American journal ACS Omega.

Champagne can age, but its shelf life after opening is more complex to estimate than that of still wine, largely because of the carbon dioxide that creates its bubbles. Estimates vary from a few years to several decades depending on the source, and even depending on the bottle.

The science behind Champagne ageing

Champagne ages in part thanks to the carbon dioxide generated during the second fermentation in the bottle. This fermentation, which combines yeast, sugar and wine, produces bubbles and additional alcohol. As the bottle ages, it develops its aromas, while gradually releasing the CO2 through the cork, which reduces the bubbles.

Bubbl. the solution for prolonging shelf life

This is where Bubbl. comes in to solve the preservation challenge. The Bubbl. system consists of an intelligent Smart Cap and an innovative dispensing gun.

The Smart Cap regulates the pressure inside the bottle so that it closes tightly after opening, preventing carbon dioxide from escaping and preserving the bubbles.
The dispensing gun reintroduces oenological gas into the bottle, compressing the existing CO2 and protecting against oxidation. This clever technology maintains the pressure of the CO2 in the bottle, prolonging the preservation of the english sparkling wine and its aromas.


Bubbl. protège votre bouteille 7jours


Discover how Bubbl. system works !

The surprising findings

The researchers who conducted the study into the shelf life of champagne found that the size of the bottle plays a crucial role. The larger the bottle, the better it seems to preserve the bubbles, largely due to the fact that the larger the container, the better the oxygenation of the wine.

According to their observations, a calculation formula can theoretically predict the maximum shelf life of aged champagne, which varies according to the size of the bottle. Their predictions indicate 40 years for standard 750-millilitre bottles, 82 years for 1.5-litre bottles (magnum) and 132 years for three-litre bottles (jeroboam, or double magnum). However, beyond these theoretical timescales, champagne risks losing its effervescence.

Bubbl. permet une conservation efficace pendant une semaine


In short, english sparkling wine can age, and thanks to Bubbl. you can now keep it open for over 7 days while preserving its bubbles and aromas.

This revolutionary technology takes advantage of discoveries made by French scientists on the preservation of champagne and offers a practical solution for prolonging the pleasure of tasting your favourite sparkling wine. Discover Bubbl. and enjoy every sip of your english sparkling wine, Champagne, Cava or Franciacorta without the rush.


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