Innovation to the rescue of Wine Preservation

rescue of wine preservation



During the Foire aux Vins, wine lovers fill up their cellars with bottles.
For wines that need a few years to reach maturity and reveal all their aromas, patience is called for. For other wines, ready for tasting, the question arises of how to store them over a short period of time and rescue of wine preservation, i.e. the days following the opening of the bottles.

In fact, the way we consume wine has evolved, both in restaurants and at home, we now prefer to choose our wine by the glass rather than by the bottle, and at home, we no longer have to finish a bottle we’ve already started, so we can choose our wine according to the menu or our individual tastes.
Opening several bottles over the course of an evening to match food and wine pairings, or to cater for the different tastes of guests, raises the question of how to rescue of wine preservation remaining in the opened bottles.

In response to the new needs of an increasingly well-informed clientele eager for oenological tips, tools initially dedicated to sommelier or restaurant professionals are gradually arriving in specialized stores accessible to the general public.


Our distributor

It’s against this backdrop of a booming market that TOC and Kitchen Bazaar stores, distributors of kitchen utensils to cooking enthusiasts and therefore often wine lovers, are launching the 1st Salon de l’Innovation Culinaires.

This Salon, which will be held in all TOC and Kitchen Bazaar stores in France’s largest cities from November 2 to 14, 2015, supports innovation and quality in gastronomy. This unprecedented event will bring together never-before-seen products, which will surprise the eyes and taste buds of everyone, by the obvious necessity of these innovative products in our daily lives as perfect gourmets.

For the occasion, 15 revolutionary utensils will be on display and demonstrated over 15 days, to the delight of food enthusiasts. Wine lovers will be able to discover the best wine preservation tool on the market, the Wibox 2+ from Bordeaux-based WIKEEPS, which has already been awarded the Trophée Oenovation for its innovative contribution to the wine industry.

The offer includes an oenological gas preservation system that allows wine to be kept for 10 to 20 days after opening, as well as a small refrigerated display case for 2 or 4 bottles (Wibox 4+) of wine.

This wine-bar-style product, adapted in size and price to domestic use, gives you the choice and time to enjoy your wine, while guaranteeing your taste buds quality wines by the glass.
The preservation system is also sold separately in a box.