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Fish and wine pairings: the main principles

Fish dishes are a real pleasure in the mouth, especially when accompanied by a good wine. However, not all wines go well with fish. In general, fish is always served with a white wine (e.g. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Viognier), depending on the preparation. But it can also be served with rosé, light red or sweet wines.

Main principles of fish and wine pairing

The choice of wine depends mainly on the type of fish, but also on how it has been cooked. To achieve the perfect “wine and fish” match, three elements need to be taken into account:
– The type of fish (e.g. smoked fish, white fish, etc.) ;
– Cooking (e.g. baked fish, grilled fish, barbecued fish…);
– The accompanying sauce (e.g. no sauce, beurre blanc…).

Which wine to serve with which fish dish?

Dry white wine is the perfect accompaniment to white fish cooked in the oven with a dash of water and a few citrus zests. Fish that have more flavor when cooked (such as trout, haddock or salmon with a butter sauce, for example) are best served with “rounder, buttery” white wines.

Alternatively, fish can also be enjoyed with red wine, preferably a light, low-tannin wine (e.g. light pinot noir or merlot). And to accompany a summer fish dish, rosé wine is the ideal choice for freshness as well as taste.

A few examples of fish and wine pairings

Fried or grilled fish is best served with a dry, fresh white wine;
– Braised or roasted fish goes perfectly with a dry, supple, round white wine;
– Smoked fish is best served with a sweet wine such as Sauvignon;
– Fatty fish (e.g. trout or salmon) cooked with a butter sauce are usually served with a round, buttery white wine, but can also be served with a light, chilled wine.

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