Ecotel, new Wikeeps partner


A few words about Ecotel

As the bearers of both tradition and culinary innovation, Ecotel can advise and support you in both the presentation and implementation of all your culinary preparations, to enhance the pleasures of the table in your establishment. The professionals who run ECOTEL stores are committed to meeting your expectations and satisfying your needs.

They offer you a wide range of products for your preparations and their staging in the dining room.
Many ECOTEL stores also offer professional clothing and indoor and outdoor furniture.

Ecotel is now a Wikeeps dealer

Wikeeps is an innovative solution for preserving and serving wine by the glass. Thanks to its oenological gas inerting process, Wikeeps can preserve your bottles for up to three weeks after opening.

Wikeeps is part of a new way of consuming wine. The product is suitable for all bottle formats, and is complemented by Wibox refrigerated display cases to meet the three components required for serving wine by the glass. These are temperature maintenance, preservation to prevent oxidation, and elegant service by the glass.

Wikeeps is the ideal wine-by-the-glass solution for foodservice professionals. By preserving bottles without risk of loss, it helps to boost sales of wine by the glass:
– Increase revenue by offering a wider choice of wines by the glass,
– Increase the average bill by offering more expensive wines (e.g., Grands Crus by the glass). Last but not least, WIKEEPS® enables foodservice professionals to make a commitment to their customers regarding the quality of the wine they serve.

Visit your nearest Ecotel dealer for more information.
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