Red wine storage temperature for summer 2024


Red wine storage temperature

Dear epicureans and lovers of fine wines, as we do almost before every summer season, we’d like to emphasize an essential point for optimal wine tasting: red wine storage temperature


How temperature transforms wine perception

Wine tasting is a complex sensory experience, where the taste and aroma of the wine can be profoundly influenced by its temperature. A promising red wine can quickly disappoint if left too long at a high temperature, for example in a kitchen at 25°C (or higher). What a pity to spoil the potential of a good wine in this way.

The subtleties of temperature for red wines

Without going into too much technical detail, it’s generally accepted that red wines are at their best when served at a temperature of between 15° and 18°C.

Below this temperature, the complexity of the aromas may be missed, and the tannins may be too aggressive. At higher temperatures, the alcohol takes over and masks the other flavors.

If you can’t manage red wine storage temperature accordingly, here’s a little tip: leave the bottle in a bucket filled with cold water, and add a few ice cubes if necessary. This way, the wine will not suffer any thermal shock and will be at an acceptable temperature for tasting.


Wikeeps: the best practical solution

If you’re looking for a more elegant and practical solution for maintaining the right wine temperature, let us introduce you to Wikeeps.

It’s a small countertop wine cellar that allows you to lower the temperature of your wine by 15 to 18°C compared to room temperature. Our Wibox 2 and Wibox 4 models enable precise temperature control from 5° to 18°C for 2 or 4 bottles.

It’s a compact, lightweight, portable design that works simply by plugging it in. What’s more, its thermoelectric Peltier cooling system operates without a compressor, so there’s no vibration to harm the wine.


Mini cave à vin de service -Wikeeps - red wine storage temperature

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Wine Temperature: Finding the Right Balance

There are many clichés about the temperature at which wines should be served. For example, some people think that Beaujolais or Loire wines should be served “well chilled”. However, this is only true if you want to mask the bad taste of a wine… Today, there are some great wines from these regions, and it would be criminal to drink them below 15°C!


Beware of over-chambered wines

Conversely, we sometimes hear the re!commendation to “enjoy southern wines at room temperature (20°C)”. No, and especially not in the southern Rhône region, for example! These wines are generally made from blends of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, the majority grape varieties in this region. They should all be enjoyed at around 16-17°C. And that goes for wines further south, too – it’s a rule to remember!


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We wish you a wonderful summer and excellent wine tasting!

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