What present to offer for Christmas?


What present can you give your loved ones for Christmas?

Christmas present is the main preoccupation of most families. Whether young or old, finding an original idea that will please is always a challenge.

Whether it’s a fine Bordeaux, a bottle of Jurançon or a carefully selected Champagne, you can be sure it will please.
As Christmas approaches, wine consumption increases. Dishes are richer than usual, and family meals are often accompanied by a quality bottle of wine.

The Christmas present, useful from the very first day of the festive season

All too often, however, we make the mistake of not taking care to preserve the precious liquid after opening.
After opening the bottle, we usually put it in the fridge, without worrying about any loss of quality.

To remedy this problem, Wikeeps has created the perfect friend for your wines.
The concept is simple: our system injects a neutral gas (oenological gas) into the bottle to help ensure perfect preservation and conservation of the wine.
The injected gas generates a protective, healthy atmosphere for the wine, which loses none of its various flavors and aromas. Wikeeps also considerably improves service by the glass. With its dispenser gun, the liquid, protected from oxidation, can be served slowly and enjoyed for up to twenty days.
You’ll be able to enjoy your prized bottle for longer.

For the festive season, we’ve specially designed the Prestige Christmas present set. It includes a dispenser gun and 2 complete sets, so you can open and serve 2 bottles at the same time. So you can enjoy a good bottle of Sauternes and your best bottle of red wine at mealtimes.

A patented French innovation, as if you were in a restaurant

As well as being the ideal Christmas gift for all gourmets and wine lovers, it will allow you to stand out from the crowd with a refined gift and a real innovation – what’s more, a French one.

If you find the idea interesting, then you should know that wine professionals are combining this offer of bottle storage systems with 2 and 4 bottle mini fridges that offer the ideal temperature for serving wine. These mini wine cellars are very compact, taking up very little space and fitting perfectly into your kitchen.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas present that your loved ones won’t be indifferent to, will they?