by the glass wine tour.


At a time when our minister Laurent Fabius was raising 1 billion euros to “finance the adaptation of a sector in need of investment”… Wikeeps continued its quest to raise 300K€ to finance its development and allow wine tasting by the glass!

Burgundy’s Cité des vins, Dijon’s Cité de la Gastronomie, Bordeaux’s Cité des civilisations et du vin…so many initiatives and projects in which the State strongly supports projects linking the wine industry to tourism
The Wikeeps programme aims to equip each day a little more of the 10,000 wineries visited each year by the 85 million tourists in search of wine tourism and who wish to taste wine by the glass.

Still rarely equipped with systems for tasting by the glass, they will have to think about it if they want to offer a quality service and guarantee the aromas of the wines to be tasted (an opened bottle oxidises in a few hours, as any sommelier will tell you) on the same day or the next day.

Wikeeps equips a hundred or so properties in France, so there is still a long way to go to make its wine by the glass and temperature control solutions known via its Wibox cellars.

This promises to be a great trip on the wine roads: Alsace, Loire, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence…

Among our references, let’s mention some of them: Châteaux Margaux, Ferrière, Guiraud – Domaines Mordorée, Rouquette-sur-mer, Rauzan…

These establishments have chosen Wikeeps to guarantee the quality of their wine during tastings in the cellar but also during tastings at trade fairs or public events.

Equipped with Wibox4, which allows the wine to be brought to temperature in less than an hour, they can vary the serving temperature of their different wines at will and offer a wine service by the glass in ideal conditions.

Perfect temperature + service + preservation…the three well-kept secrets of Wikeeps to sublimate our beautiful French vineyards… Go on, give Mr. Fabius a spin!

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