Still & Sparkling wine by the glass – Wikeeps & BUBBL.

Enhance the wine & Champagne experience in your location.

  • Increase your sales by 30% by offering a quality wine list by the glass
  • Offer an expanded menu of Champagne by the slice without fear of operating losses
  • energize the tasting experience and be recognized as such.

Go upmarket and increase your average ticket on your wine by the glass offer


The Wikeeps offer (still wines) and BUBBL. (sparkling wines ) allows you to free up bottles stored in your cellar that are having trouble selling whole.

By cutting them by the glass, you offer “favorite” wines by giving your customers the desire with wines that you didn’t dare to offer before.

Combined with Wibox counter-top wine cabinets, your wines are not only served at the ideal temperature, but they are also highlighted and the labels will generate even more interest in your wine by the glass offer.

Reduce your losses on still and sparkling wines

On wines as well as on Champagnes, your profit soars from 50% to 100% depending on your volumes of wine by the glass.

You can thus pass on your immobilized bottles and you better control your stocks, without having to launch out towards a new format of container.


The French elegance of Wikeeps service

Wine by the glass Barolo

The Wikeeps system is designed with noble, elegant and durable materials: forged stainless steel and chrome plated.

It takes 30 seconds to install

It is very simple to use, with the only maintenance required being rinsing the serving spout with clear water when changing wines.

Its durability has been proven: 10 years that sommeliers from all over the world use this solution for their wine by the glass.

It takes 30 seconds to install

If you like the system, you can add service kits to increase the number of bottles served by the glass.

If you want to make both still and sparkling wines, you can buy “smart cap” corks and CO2/N2 gas cartridges that allow you to close and preserve the bottle of bubbles.

With Wikeeps, you will find all the accessories to facilitate the work of the wine professional, but without ever replacing the human hand…




preserve champagne - BUBBL. system

Wikeeps’ expertise lies in the development of oenological gases for over 10 years with its German partner, Linde.

Linde is the world leader in food gases and especially in the wine industry.

Wikeeps like BUBBL. are using gas capsules .
Their format of 21ml allows to travel without constraints and in the whole world thanks to our agreements with the international carriers as DHL.

For wine, the cost of serving a wine by the glass with Wikeeps is about 0,20 €.
This cost is controlled (1 cartridge costs 4€ and allows to serve 4 bottles).

Also for Champagne, a cartridge costs 3,5€ and allows the conservation of 5 bottles, that is to say 0,70€ of operating cost per bottle.

Wine by the glass Set up for Wikeeps + BUBBL. in your place

simple, in 3 steps

Contact us on or on our form to discover the most suitable format for your establishment

Once you have selected your offer, we deliver and accompany you to the installation which remains simple and intuitive.

You can start or enhance your wine by the glass offer immediately, both still and sparkling wines.