Wikeeps moves to casinos!




Casinos are luxury venues popular with the French for their festive and generally luxurious atmosphere. There are about 200 casinos in France. Although casinos are famous for their games of chance, they are also obliged to offer food service in France. Spirits are often consumed at the bar.

Wine is consumed to a lesser extent than in traditional restaurants, as the festive atmosphere encourages the consumption of cocktails. However, the prestigious character of casinos can be a good lever to increase and promote the consumption of wines by the glass and, in particular, the tasting of grands crus in these establishments, where the rotation period is longer than in traditional restaurants or wine bars.

Wikeeps system

Wikeeps has developed a patented system, designed in Bordeaux, which responds precisely to the need to extend the life of wine bottles after opening, and has recently been equipping casinos. Like bars/restaurants or hotels, these are establishments conducive to relaxation, and therefore to the discovery and consumption of fine wines.

Wikeeps, with its ability to keep bottles of wine from 1 to 3 weeks after opening, will optimize the profitability of casinos’ wine-by-the-glass offer by adapting the service to a longer consumption rhythm.

This technical feat is made possible by the use of a totally neutral oenological gas, made from a mixture of argon (80%) and CO2 (20%), which preserves all the aromatic qualities of the wine, protecting it from oxidation for several days after opening. It adapts to all bottle formats, including Magnums, Jeroboams and 6L Impériales, with a unique vertical service that enhances tastings of Grands Crus.

Containers, ideal for staging and enlivening the offer of wines by the glass in festive establishments.
This process allows restaurateurs to better manage their cellar because they can open a bottle to serve a glass and then keep it open for up to three weeks, without risking losing the aromas of the wine. Thanks to its numerous partnerships with restaurants and hotels, Wikeeps makes it possible to respond to the problems of wine waste and to energize a wine offer in a “Wine Entertainment” approach.

Wikeeps also designs the WIBOX, a storage wine cabinet that comes in two variants for two and four bottles. More efficient than a wine fridge, it allows you to highlight your best bottles but above all to keep the precious nectar at the optimal temperature for your tastings. The complete offer will make it possible to meet the 3 essential characteristics of a perfect tasting: the wine retains all its qualities of taste without oxidation, the ideal temperature for tasting the wine and an elegant service by the glass which enhances the bottle and the image of the wine

Wikeeps is notably in partnership with the Ibis hotels of the ACCOR group

Here is a video testimonial from our client, the Ibis Bordeaux Bastide hotel, who greatly appreciates the advantages of Wikeeps for this branch of professionals.