The 2015 Bordeaux grape harvester


Grape Harvester

The 2015 grape harvester began several weeks ago in the warmer regions of France, but is now in full swing in the Bordeaux region. The harvest began with Merlot, the earliest grape variety in Bordeaux, and will continue for several days with the Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon harvests. What is the initial feedback on this harvest? Can we expect a great vintage? Wikeeps tells you all about it!

franciacorta vin

In the opinion of many winegrowers, the conditions were right to make 2015 a fine year: flowering was rapid, the water stress caused by the hot weather in July was beneficial, the véraison of the vines was early and the rains in August were not too heavy. What’s more, the vines were spared hail, which played into the vintage’s favor.

In the cellars, the magic is also working. Initial feedback has been enthusiastic. From Côtes de Bourg to Saint-Émilion, everyone agrees that the 2015 vintage will be of a very high standard. “Comparable to 2005 and 2010”, say some. Winemakers are praising the quality of the bunches, which have few pips and a thick skin resulting in refined tannins, as well as the flavor of the juices.



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