Summer wines: what to choose? Wikeeps gives you some ideas!

summer wines



In this hot month of August, enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace is always pleasant. However, it is obvious that it is better to favor refreshing and light summer wines than heavier and powerful wines. In a way, wine and fashion have one thing in common: they both adapt to the seasons. Restaurants must therefore offer their customers a range of summer wines for this time of year.

This is how restaurateurs must renew their wine list. And to do this, there are many solutions! Red wines from light countries (from the Loire Valley or the Cévennes for example), rosé wines from the south (Côtes de Provence or Languedoc-Roussillon) dry white wines from the Loire or Alsace… there are many contenders to fill the cellars in summer! In addition, all these summer wines will go perfectly with summer cuisine. It is strongly advised to consume these wines well chilled to appreciate them at their fair value. Second, some palates prefer fruity summer wines to drier summer wines.

As said before, summer wines are the perfect accompaniment to summer cuisine, which is light and often consists of salads and grilled meats. These dishes go wonderfully with a glass of rosé from Provence (a hillside of Aix or the Luberon for example), Languedoc (a rosé from Collioure) or a Côte du Rhône. Then, to accompany the grilled fish, we recommend a good glass of white wine (a Chablis or a Pouilly Fuissé) or a glass of rosé. Some light red wines such as Saumur Champigny or a Pinot Noir from Alsace will also go wonderfully with good seafood.


To accompany you in this season, Wikeeps offers you its preservation and service systems for wine by the glass (Essentiel and Grandioso boxes). You can then enjoy your wines up to 20 days after opening! In addition, Wikeeps also offers Wibox refrigeration systems to keep your wines at the ideal temperature.
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