Food and wine pairing



The alchemy that operates between certain foods coupled with particular wines makes it possible to sublimate a meal. What secrets do you need to know to experience a harmonious meal?

Before starting, a basic rule makes it possible to draw the main lines of the food and wine pairing: it is necessary to favor light wines for light dishes, more subtle wines with delicate dishes and powerful wines with spicy or auspicious dishes. very pronounced taste.

Now let’s start as it should with the starter: a fresh and young wine will be the perfect accompaniment. The color of the wine will change depending on the ingredients of the starter: if the wine is to accompany charcuterie, it will be red and rather spicy. On the other hand, for foie gras, a sweet or syrupy white wine will do just fine. Finally, a salad, a pie, a quiche will be enhanced by a slightly fruity Côtes de Provence.

The color of the meat will then influence the choice of wine. For red meat, a robust wine with a full-bodied and tannic flavor is recommended. With white meat, a light red wine, or even a fruity rosé (like a Beaujolais) will be recommended. White meat also goes well with spicy white wines (white Burgundy, Riesling). For fish, the rule is simple: accompany them with a white wine, preferably a Chablis, a Chardonnay de Bourgogne or an Entre- two seas.

When it comes to cheese, red wines are generally on the menu. However, they should not be too tannic. However, a sweet white wine will be absolutely fantastic with a Roquefort, a goat or blue.
For dessert, if it is fruit-based, we recommend a sweet wine. But if you are more chocolate, then change your tune and opt for a sweet wine aged for a long time in barrels which will bring out the bitterness of cocoa and the smoothness of chocolate.


This introduction to food and wine pairing is not exhaustive, the tastes of each one make it possible to flesh out this “discipline”. Thanks to Wikeeps, the wines that will accompany your dishes will always be well preserved, thanks to its system based on argon, a heavy, natural and neutral gas. Your bottles can be consumed up to 20 days after opening.

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