Explore the advantages of champagne capsule


What’s the name of the champagne capsule?

The metal part that holds the cork to a bottle of champagne is called a “wirehood”. This is a small wire device that is twisted and attached to the cork to hold it in place under the pressure of the carbon dioxide inside the bottle.

The small circular plate at the top of the wirehood, often adorned with the Champagne house logo, is known as the “wirehood plate” or “capsule”.


capsule de champagne


How do you know the value of a champagne capsule?

The value of a champagne capsule can depend on a number of factors. Here are a few steps to determine its value:

  1. Rarity: Some capsules are produced in limited quantities, or come from special or limited bottles of champagne. The rarer the capsule, the higher its value.
  2. Condition: A capsule in perfect condition, with no discoloration, scratches or dents, will generally have a higher value.
  3. Age: Older capsules can be more valuable, especially if they are in good condition and come from well-known champagne houses.
  4. Demand: Some collectors may seek out specific capsules to add to their collection, which can increase their value.

Champagne is often associated with grand celebrations and special events. However, once the bottle has been opened, it can be difficult to retain the taste and quality of this effervescent wine. To solve this problem, an innovative new technology called Bubbl. has come onto the market.

It has been designed to ensure optimum preservation of your open champagne, and all your sparkling wines. In this article, we’ll show you how Bubbl. uses the principle of the champagne capsule to extend the life of your wine.


What is the Bubbl. system?

Bubbl. is a revolutionary innovation in the world of wine. It’s a system that includes a “Smart Cap” cork and a dispensing gun. These two elements work together to protect your champagne from oxidation and preserve its effervescent freshness.


Wine prseserver by Bubll. system

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Smart Cap

This ingenious cap regulates the pressure inside the bottle once opened. It provides a tight seal that prevents air from entering the bottle, preserving the quality and flavor of your champagne.

The dispensing gun

The dispenser gun is another essential component of the Bubbl system. It contains oenological gas, which is used to compress the existing CO2 in the bottle. This helps preserve your champagne’s effervescence while protecting it from oxidation.


How does the Bubbl. system bond to the Champagne capsule?

The champagne capsule was a revolutionary invention that preserved the freshness and bubbles of champagne. In the same way, Bubbl. uses the principles of the champagne capsule to provide an exceptional experience for sparkling wine lovers.

The idea is to trap CO2 inside the bottle, just as a champagne capsule does. This maintains the pressure needed to preserve the bubbles and taste of your champagne. The “Smart Cap” cork plays a crucial role here, providing a tight seal, just like a champagne capsule.


Why choose Bubbl. to preserve your Champagne?

In a nutshell, Bubbl. offers an effective way to extend the life of your champagne and sparkling wines once opened. It’s simple to use and offers a long-lasting preservation solution. Using the principles of the champagne capsule, Bubbl. ensures that every glass of champagne you enjoy is as fresh and sparkling as the first.

So don’t let your champagne lose its freshness after opening. Try the Bubbl. system and enjoy every sip of your favorite sparkling wine.