Drink by the glass in restaurants


Trends in wine consumption are changing, so are habits : it’s time to drink wine by the glass !

The latest figures published by serious studies (source: Baromètre Gallo 2020) show us behaviors so different from what our parents knew.
If the consumption of French wines dominates with 36% of respondents who only drink French wines, 83% have also already tasted wines from around the world.
Consumers are no longer hesitating to consume something other than the traditional 0.75cl bottles.
0.5cl bottles and cans are also making their appearance!

If 65% of the declarants drink in the evening with their family or around a good meal, only 43% of the declarants drink at lunchtime.
Drink by the glass is thus becoming a major trend in order to stem the decline in consumption for restaurant owners, especially at lunchtime.
It also offers the possibility to stay in the wine pleasure that more than 60% of the declarants plebiscite.
Equipping a system that allows the bottles to be heated, as well as a wine by the glass dispenser, is often very expensive.

Enjoy wine with your friend

It is exactly to answer this double problematic that the French patent Wikeeps equips since 2012 thousands of restaurant owners all over the world for their greatest satisfaction as the system is easy to use, robust, affordable and maintenance free!

Drink by the glass in restaurant becomes thus, very easy and immediate to handle.
Open your bottle, install Wikeeps wine conservation system on the bottle, pour a glass , drink !

The Wikeeps system was born around the simple principle of inerting used in cellars

During the wine making process, a neutral gas is injected in order to maintain – without oxidation – the (open) wine in contact with the open air. So does Wikeeps !

2nd principle, to allow the service without having to manipulate the bottle in service and thus to pour all the sediments of the wine (by a patented system of filtration screwed at the end of the Wikeeps service spout)

Finally, the third fundamental point, the temperature of the wine service: this is made possible thanks to the first two principles: by not having to handle the opened bottle, a range of counter-top cellars developed ad-hoc allow the ideal temperature of the wine, from 5 to 18°C and according to all the formats and the number of bottles… from 2 to 8 today.

Wikeeps system

Best of wine, anytime !