Argon, the asset for the preservation of wine

argon for wine preservation


Air is the number one enemy of wine storage.

Didn’t you know that? Air (O2) has the power to “oxidize” everything, from apples to lettuce… and so wine doesn’t cut it therefore we use argon for wine preservation.
This is why during all stages of vinification, the (too great) contact of air with the wine is feared.
And once bottled, the problem remains the same.


What about an open bottle. How to keep it?

Argon which is a neutral gas, but also inert to this insulating power.
It is found for sound insulation (in double glazing) and in oenology since the beginning of the 90s….


Could this be the solution for wine storage?
The answer is Wikeeps who dug it in 2009 with the company to create a tool to protect open wine against oxidation. And thus make the wine unfit for consumption.


Argon, the asset for wine conservation

argon for wine preservtion

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In order to promote the preservation of wine, Wikeeps takes advantage of a particular natural element: argon. It is a neutral natural gas widely used in the food industry. It has capacities for preserving wine (and food in general). This gas makes it possible in particular to avoid the oxidation of pigments and also limits the spread of bacteria.


As a heavy gas, argon is heavier than oxygen. This property is particularly interesting. It will allow optimal preservation of the wine: the argon will thus form a protective layer on the surface of the wine.



However, the use of argon for the preservation of wine must be coupled with another natural element: carbon dioxide. For the simple and good reason that a bottle preserved only with argon (or CO2) would alter the taste of the wine. The wine would lose its freshness and be too astringent.


This is why Wikeeps uses cartridges composed of 80% argon and 20% CO2 created by Linde, the European leader in food gases, in order to offer the best preservation of wine and its aromas.


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The Wikeeps wine by the glass preservation and serving systems (Essentiel and Grandioso Boxes) allow the preservation of wine for up to 20 days after opening. Wikeeps (Wibox) refrigeration systems keep open bottles at the ideal temperature.

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