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Inerting: An Essential Process for Wine Preservation

Inerting is a technique that dates back several decades, but remains highly relevant in today’s wine industry. It is a process that involves injecting cartridges of gas into the wine to prevent the naturally present oxygen from dissolving. This refers to the use of a gas to protect wine in the cellar. This article aims to explain in detail this technique and its importance.

What is inserting, and why is it important?

Inerting is the only effective way to prevent contact between oxygen and wine. Oxygen is present in air at a rate of 21%. Its concentration in a container must be reduced to less than 1% to minimize its impact on wine quality. This process is therefore essential to preserve the intrinsic properties of the wine and avoid microbial proliferation.

What gases are used for inerting?

Three types of gas are commonly used for inerting: nitrogen, CO2 and argon.


Nitrogen is the most widely used gas in oenology, despite its disadvantages. Nitrogen risks drying out the wine and degassing the CO2.


The pure use of CO2 presents a risk of over-carbonation, as CO2 is highly soluble in wine.


Argon is naturally present in the air at a concentration of 1%. Like CO2, it is heavier than air.

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Which gas to choose for inerting?

The choice of gas depends on a number of factors, including the specific properties of the wine and storage conditions. The mixture most commonly used in oenology is composed of 80% nitrogen and 20% CO2. The CO2 compensates for the decarbonation caused by the nitrogen.

These proportions are adjusted according to the level of dissolved CO2 to be maintained in the wine and the cellar temperature. For example, at 10°C, this 80-20% blend maintains a CO2 concentration of 500 mg/L.

Another effective mixture is 80% argon and 20% CO2. This choice provides effective inerting, with no risk of decarbonation or over-carbonation.


Wikeeps’ Choice: An Innovative Solution

Wikeeps, in collaboration with its gas partner Linde, has adopted gas cartridges

a mixture of 80% argon and 20% CO2 to guarantee the best possible preservation of your open wines.

Although this gas is slightly more expensive than pure nitrogen, it offers undeniable efficiency in wine preservation. Wikeeps gas cartridges come in packs of 5 or 10 in 21ml cartridges. They are compatible with all professional portable wine-by-the-glass and service systems that use the same cartridge format.

With Wikeeps, you’re guaranteed the best wine protection gas, prolonging the pleasure of tasting your favorite wines.


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Wikeeps: The Pleasure of Wine Longer

Wikeeps is committed to giving you the pleasure of wine for longer. Thanks to inerting and the quality of the gases used, your wines retain all their taste and aromatic qualities, even after opening. With Wikeeps, make the pleasure of wine last.

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Oenological gas cartridges


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Liber Vinum
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Cassandre Noguès
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CAFFE NOVECENTO “caffe novecento” TIRANO
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