Wine tourism



The phenomenon could not have escaped anyone with the slightest interest in wine: wine tourism is booming. France, proud of its inseparable history with wine, can boast of a rich wine cultural heritage. Moreover, foreign countries are jealous of the French paradox, this very particular way of life.

In fact, wine has made it one of the symbols of the country, but it took until 2014 for the French legislator to officially recognize it: “Wine, the product of the vine, the wine-growing regions as well as ciders and perries, spirits and beers from local traditions are part of the protected cultural, gastronomic and landscape heritage of France”

On the strength of this argument, the wine tourism offer is expanding (even if the movement in favor of wine tourism had started much earlier): wine routes (in Provence, Burgundy, etc.), visits to castle, oenology courses, wine museums (soon with the Museum of Wine Civilizations in Bordeaux), etc…. Visitors are there, whatever their profile: amateur (even neophyte) , knowledgeable connoisseur, etc.


Wikeeps is a player in this new phenomenon and has already invested in several châteaux: Château Guiraud, Château Bouscault, Château Pouget, Château Brane Cantenac…. All these châteaux from prestigious appellations trust Wikeeps products, thanks to which the oenological experience of visitors is always successful.

Wikeeps wine preservation and service services allow you to enjoy a bottle for 20 days after opening, which makes their use very interesting for castles concerned about the proper preservation of their wines.

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