Red wine temperature


Enjoy summer with ideal red wine temperature

We all know the ideal red wine temperature service is around 15 to 18°C …
With summer temperatures, while very pleasant, it can often represent a challenge for wine lovers. Wines tend to freeze in the fridge – especially red  and white – or become too warm at room temperature when the mercury approaches 25°C.

Fortunately, solutions exist to fight this problem, thanks in particular to new thermoelectric cooling technologies, also known as Peltier cooling or to regular fridge using compressor such as 6 bottles wikeeps wine cellar below.

Mini cave a vin Wikeeps

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The advantages of an ndjustable winecellar for red wine temperature

Having an adjustable wine cellar, with a temperature that can vary from 5°C to 18°C, can be very advantageous for wine lovers. For an investment of just €299, you can equip yourself with such a cellar and preserve your precious bottles of red wine in optimal conditions.

Indeed, preservation refrigerators are often set at between 12 and 14°C, which can be too cold for red wines. Red wines require a higher serving temperature. A bottle of red wine coming out of such a fridge risks heating up quickly at room temperature, which can alter the wine’s taste and aroma.

With an adjustable wine cellar like the Wibox 4, you can keep your bottles of red wine at the ideal serving temperature. This will enable you to enjoy your wines in the best possible conditions.

The countertop cellar: a decorative and functional ally

Countertop wine cellars have the added advantage of being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can be used as an elegant decorative object in your home. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your bottle labels and suggest wines for immediate tasting or enjoyment at a later date.

Thanks to the integrated LED lighting, you can create a pleasant night-time atmosphere and highlight your wine collection. By investing in an adjustable wine cellar, you’ll be making an advantageous choice for storing and enjoying your wines in the best possible conditions.

A practical, compact solution for red wine temperature

With a compact footprint and versions available for 2 or 4 bottles (always single-temperature for these thermoelectric models), it’s easy to keep all your wines ready to serve.

With a wine cellar like the Wibox 4, you’ll have a truly professional solution for dispensing wine by the glass. Your wines, whatever their format, will be served elegantly, and their preservation will be guaranteed for 15 days.

Wikeeps: wine preservation at its best

With Wikeeps technology, you can enjoy the best of wine, served at the ideal  red wine temperature and preserved for longer. Enjoy your passion for wine to the full, whatever the season.