Wikeeps patent.

Wikeeps is a technological Patent, filed with the INPI Patent Office.

  • Wikeeps is a unique Wine Dispensing and Preservation concept.
  • The system has been filed with the INPI Patent office under the number FR2945526 (AI) and is protected from counterfeiting.
  • The Wikeeps oenological preservation gas is a sophisticated mix developed in close partnership with the European Leader Linde, who is well known by the world’s wine makers.
  • The Wikeeps innovation has been rewarded by the ‘Trophée Œnovation®’ in 2012.

« The Oenovation launches its tenth trophy », by Pierre Lascourrèges

Already in 2012, the Bordeaux-based company Wikeeps won fame by developing gas capsules. These capsules containing œnologic gas for the dispensing and preservation of Wines.