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Exciting News in Wine Preservation: Discover Wikeeps

Wikeeps recently graced the stage of Made in Paris – Goûts de Luxe Paris on February 26, Hosted by Aurélie Planeix on BFM Business, this event spotlighted Wikeeps’ revolutionary approach to wine serving and preservation.

Innovative Wine Preservation with Wikeeps

At the core of Wikeeps’ innovation lies its unique process that utilizes a blend of Argon and CO2. These natural, neutral, and inert gases significantly enhance the preservation of wine, making this method superior to traditional ones, such as refrigerated cabinets.

The Wikeeps Difference

Unlike conventional preservation systems that struggle to meet the needs of both the HoReCa sector and private wine aficionados, Wikeeps stands out. Its system, which primarily uses an efficient Argon-CO2 mix instead of Nitrogen, ensures wines remain fresh for up to 20 days post-opening.

Transforming Wine Consumption

Wikeeps is not just about extending the shelf life of wine; it’s about elevating the wine-drinking experience. Whether for a luxurious restaurant or a casual home setting, Wikeeps integrates seamlessly, offering unparalleled versatility to wine enthusiasts.

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Wikeeps: Ensuring the Best Wine Experience Anytime

Choose Wikeeps for optimal wine preservation. Enjoy every glass as if it were the first, thanks to our groundbreaking preservation system. Experience the ultimate in wine enjoyment, with Wikeeps leading the way in innovation and service.

To further underscore the versatility of Wikeeps, it’s worth noting that this system caters to a wide array of wine types, from robust reds to delicate whites and sparkling varieties. Each bottle maintained with Wikeeps benefits from an extended lifespan, ensuring that every sip retains the bouquet, flavor, and integrity intended by the vintner.