WIKEEPS in Gault & Millau

wine preservation system



Article by Gérard Muteaud published in Gault & Millau N°72, May-June 2015, p. 183.
“Up to the last drop Two inventions are about to revolutionize the service of wine by the glass. The first, called Coravin, is from the United States, the second is called Wikeeps and comes from France.

Until now Enomatic dominated the world market. Thanks to the invention in 2002 of the brilliant Tuscan delicatessen, it became possible to serve wine by the glass without wasting a drop. The principle as seen in the article published by Gault & Millau : each centiliter pumped into the bottle is replaced by an inert food gas to keep the wine protected from oxidation for about three weeks. A revolution We owe him the rise of wine bars and service by the glass in top restaurants all over the world, in the United States as well as in China, England and Scandinavia.

Each year, some 1,500 Enomatic machines are sold for a cost ranging from 1,300 to 8,500 € depending on the model chosen (4, 8 or 16 bottles). Since then, Eurocave, Advinéo and other Vinomatic have rushed into the breach. Enough to tickle the creative fiber of young inventors, who now offer systems that are positioned directly on the bottle. At Coravin, there is no need to uncork the bottle to access the wine.

A needle pierces the cork and allows the injection of a gas to pump the precious nectar. This innovation, launched in July 2013 by Greg Lambrecht in the United States, has already sold 40,000 units. Disadvantage: after 4 bites in the cap, it is better to have finished the bottle. As for the price of the equipment (€299) and gas refills (€30 for three cartridges), it remains dissuasive for individuals or small winegrowers. €299 with argon refills


In 2012, the French company Wikeeps, based in Langon (Gironde), received the innovation grand prize at Vinitech for a system half the cost (€150). “The cost price of Wikeeps is €1 per bottle for the restaurateur, explains Laurent Prigent, Associate Director. We hope to soon be distributed by wine merchants for major connoisseurs. Our system has the advantage of adapting to all formats, from the 75 cl bottle to the imperial through the magnum.” The young company, which has invested €300,000 in research and development to carry out its project, is focusing above all on the professional clientele of restaurateurs and winegrowers.”