What food-wine pairings for our holiday tables?



In this period of the end of the year, we put the small dishes in the big ones and we give particular care to make a festive menu for the pleasure of our guests. A perfect meal also goes through the wise choice of wines that will highlight your dishes. Don’t panic, we’ll help you with a few tips!

To start, the appetizer. The bubbles are always welcome, because they open the appetite, avoid weighing down your palate before the meal with sweet wines that are too sweet. We will favor dry white wines from the Loire, a wine from Alsace or a Champagne. As for the seafood and fish starters, we will stick with Muscadet-type dry whites, or even a sparkling Vouvray that will delight your taste buds.

For the entries of foie gras, we will read in the blog of Sommelier Emmanuel Delmas, to avoid wines that are too sweet which will weigh down the taste effect. He recommends opting for a semi-dry white wine such as a Vouvray or a sweet white Jurançon or even a ten-year-old Médoc red.

We continue with poultry, turkey, capon or chicken will go perfectly with a yellow wine from the Jura.

If you are more game or red meat, a woody red wine or with marked tannins will sublimate your dish. Note that sauces soften tannins. For cheeses, you will take no risk in choosing a white wine from the cheese region.

The dessert is a moment of celebration where finely sweet bubbles are welcome again! They bring freshness at the end of a meal and go very well with a yule log. This is also the best time during the meal to enjoy a sweet wine like a good Sauterne.


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